Anne Und Stefan Lemcke Vermögen

Anne And Stefan Lemcke Net Worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

Anne And Stefan Lemcke Net Worth
Anne And Stefan Lemcke Net Worth

Anne And Stefan Lemcke Net Worth – Four years ago, a German couple, Stefan and Anne Lemcke, presented their idea in the “Lion’s Den”. The product had an unremarkable appearance at first glance.

Small glass bottles with a cork stopper, each with a shop owner’s unique spice blend. The couple has made a sizable Net Worth up until now. CHIP had the honor of meeting you many years ago.

Anne and Stefan Lemcke founded Ankerkraut in 2013 to make a profit. In an interview with CHIP more than two years ago, the former bookbinder revealed that he has always enjoyed cooking and grilling.

The couple brought spices with them from their travels and upon returning home, began making spice mixes for friends and family.

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They decided to start their own business after receiving such a positive response to their spices. Their joint-stock company was formed after they received seed capital from a bank and used it to buy machines.

Frank Thelen (44) was immediately enthusiastic about “Ankerkraut” and invested 300,000 euros in the company for a stake of around 20%. The life of Anne and Stefan Lemcke was shaped by the gift in a lasting way.

The company has grown rapidly over the past four years and now employs over 100 people at three different locations. According to the BILD website, the group authorities estimate the value at an astounding 100 million euros.

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Anne And Stefan Lemcke Net Worth

Ankerkraut, the company’s founder, is said to have sold a further 20 percent of his shares to a French financial company last week. They paid more than 10 million euros for the shares, it is said.

Anne And Stefan Lemcke Net Worth: 5 – 12 million euros (estimated)

In addition, according to media sources, the company owned by Frank Thelen, the “Lion’s Den” investor, is said to have resold 8% of the shares acquired, also for a high amount in the millions.

Horticulturally appealing, visually appealing, made with high-quality herbs without flavor enhancers or flow aids in a jar with a cork stopper (release agents that ensure that nothing clumps with spices). Is this a multi-million dollar business idea?

She is the one I’m looking for! The reasons for this include the passion and experience of founder Stefan Lemcke (43) for African cuisine and the fact that “The Lion’s Den” has attracted a financially strong investor to the restaurant.

When Frank Thelen (44), who has been on the VOX show for six seasons, decided to make a comeback this year, he stumbled over him. The $300,000 he invested is worth tens of millions of dollars in the market today. Whoever is most willing to take a risk is the winner.

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Anne And Stefan Lemcke Net Worth

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