Armenia, Azerbaijan agree on ‘humanitarian ceasefire’

Armenia, Azerbaijan agree on ‘humanitarian ceasefire’

Hundreds of people have perished in the three weeks of conflict that started in late September  

Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed for a ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ after three weeks of conflicts that left hundreds dead. The peace deal was brokered by Russia although both sides have claimed that the opposite camp has violated the terms. The latest conflict began on September 27th.

Armenia’s foreign ministry said that both sides agreed to a ceasefire. “The Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan have agreed to a humanitarian truce as of Oct 18, 0000h local time,” the ministry said. A similar statement was released by the Azerbaijan foreign ministry.

Vahram Poghosyan, spokesman for the Karabakh separatist leader, told AFP: “We will halt fire along the entire front from midnight.” They have also assured a passage for the Azerbaijani forces that have been encircled by the separatists in the region if the ceasefire continues.

The Conflict

The conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is about the Nagorno-Karabakh region. The area is mostly inhibited by ethnic Armenians while the surrounding seven districts were previously populated by Azerbaijanis until they were expelled from the area. The current conflict began in 1988 though its origins are much older. The area is internationally considered as a part of Azerbaijan. However, separatists hold its physical control and declared it as Republic of Artsakh.

International community hopes for peace

International community is hoping that the peace deal will remain intact and the fighting will stop. Russia played its part in stopping the fight. French presidency has welcomed the move and hoped that the fighting will remain stopped.

The tensions between the two sides are high after a missile strike on the city of Ganka in Azerbaijan saw 13 people die including children. Dozens others were injured as well.   

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