Arnab’s WhatsApp chats revealed Modi staged false flag attack to win votes: Pakistan PM

Arnab’s WhatsApp chats revealed Modi staged false flag attack to win votes: Pakistan PM

WhatsApp conversation from Arnab Goswami indicates Balakot operation was meant to help BJP win elections

Prime Minister Imran Khan severely criticized India for its warmongering and conducting Balakot airstrikes to politically benefit in the general elections. This shocking information came to the fore as a WhatsApp conversation between known Indian anchor Arnab Goswami and Pratho Dasgupta, head of rating company Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), who is now under arrest. Khan called the world to take notice of the Indian government’s dangerous antics.

Imran Khan sent out a number of tweets on the issue, calling India out for carrying out dangerous military adventurism for the sake of an election victory. He added that India’s own media has blown the lid of the nexus between BJP’s Ultra-right wing national government and some media outlets.

“Latest revelations from communication of an Indian journalist, known for his warmongering, reveal the unholy nexus between the Modi govt and Indian media that led to a dangerous military adventurism to win an election in utter disregard for the consequences of destabilising the entire region,” the prime minister tweeted.

“Now India’s own media has revealed the dirty nexus that is pushing our nuclearised region to the brink of a conflict it cannot afford,” the premier said.

“I want to reiterate that my government will continue to expose India’s belligerent designs towards Pakistan and Modi government’s fascism. Int(ernational) community must stop India from its reckless, militarist agenda before the Modi government’s brinkmanship pushes our region into a conflict it cannot control.”

A dangerous situation

Carrying out false flag operations that killed its own 40 soldiers is a very dangerous step from the Indian government. Trying to carry out strikes against a sovereign nation after such an event is even more horrible considering history. Modi’s government has stooped to a historical low to win the general elections. This will most certainly hurt the confidence Indians have in their government.

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