At least 30 killed in an attack on Afghan military hospital

At least 30 killed in an attack on Afghan military hospital

More than 50 people got injured as gunmen dressed as medics attacked on Afghan military hospital.

Kabul: At least 30 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a terror attack on Afghan Military Hospital in central Kabul, Afghanistan. The gunmen were continuously in fire with security forces for six hours.

According to afghan security officials, Gunmen dressed medical officer uniform stormed Afghanistan´s largest 400-bed Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan security hospital, across the road from the heavily fortified U.S. embassy, and three attackers along with automatic weapons and hand grenades entered the complex

A suicide bomber set off an explosion at the south gate to of hospital before three gunmen entered the building and made their way to the second and third floors, Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman said.

The gunmen opened their fire on innocent doctors and hospital employees and injured Afghan soldiers, according to said Dawlat Waziri, spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Defense.

Afghan security forces and police mounted a six-hour siege at the hospital, which is the biggest and best-equipped facility in the country. The security forces killed the attackers after long four to six hour cross firing.

A Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mojahid, denied responsibility for the attack in a tweet, saying: “Today’s attack on hospital in Kabul has nothing to do with the Mujahidin of Islamic Emirate,” using the group’s formal name.

In the vacuum of a Taliban claim, the ISIS-affiliated news agency Amaq said ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Although the group usually attacks sectarian targets, it is credible that it planned and carried out the attack, CNN has not independently verified the claim.

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