Attila Hildmann Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1.3 million
Age: 41
Born: 04/22/1981
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur, Youtuber
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Attila Hildmann is a German author who writes cookbooks. The focus is on vegan cuisine. He not only writes cookbooks, but also uploads cooking videos to YouTube and a vegan cooking blog.

early life

Attila Hildmann was born on April 22, 1981 in Kreuzberg, Germany. He is of Turkish descent and was put up for adoption as a baby. As a result, he grew up with German adoptive parents. His youth was full of violence and after a short time he became a criminal himself. As a result, Attila Hildmann had to spend three and a half months in custody. He then changed his life and got his high school diploma. When his adoptive father died of a heart attack in 2000, Attila became a vegan because, according to him, the high meat consumption was responsible for the death. He didn’t want to end up like his adoptive father. Shortly thereafter, Attila Hildmann started a vegan cooking blog and uploaded cooking videos of herself to YouTube.


Attila Hildmann’s career already started with his first vegan cooking blog and the cooking videos on YouTube. In 2009 he wrote the “Vegan Cookbook” as an autodictation, which was published as a book-on-demand in three editions until 2010. From 2011 he received a contract with the publisher Becker Joest Volk and just one year later his book “Vegan for Fun” was named cookbook of the year by the German Vegetarian Association. In 2013 Attila Hildmann published a new book called Vegan for Fit. This book and its predecessors were among the bestsellers. In the same year he was able to live on the income from his books, which sold over a million copies by 2020. Organic food and fair trade feature prominently in the books. He was also featured in TV magazines such as DAS!, Bauerfeind assists…, Nachtcafe, Kuttner plus Zwei, Menschen bei Maischberger, TV total, Stern TV, Unter uns, Volle Kanne and at home + on the road.

Attila Hildmann studied physics at the Freie Universität Berlin. In 2014 only two oral exams were missing. A year later in the summer he handed in his diploma thesis, but failed the diploma exams twice and left the university without a degree. In May 2016 he took part in the ninth season of the television show Let’s Dance and founded the Attila Hildmann Empire GmbH. A year later he appeared as a chef on the Sky program Masterchef. In the same year he won the TV show Schlag den Star against Luke Mockridge and opened a vegan snack bar in Charlottenburg. Attila Hildmann also ran a vegan snack bar in Kreuzberg from April 2018 to November 2019. Another snack was planned for Cologne in 2018. However, this plan failed shortly before the opening.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Attila Hildmann has often been criticized for conspiracy theories regarding the virus infection. The statements and arguments were classified as right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic. He publicly threatened criminal offenses and spoke of various ideas of the Reich citizens. Because of this, his business partners distanced themselves from him and the social media channels were closed. The result was criminal charges and investigations by the police and state security.

Career highlights

– 2011: Contract with the publishing house Becker Joest Volk.

– 2012: Award of his book “Vegan for Fun” as cookbook of the year by the German Vegetarian Union.

– 2013: Attila Hildmann can live on the income from the books.

– 2017: Victory against Luke Mockridge in the TV show Schlag den Star and opening of a vegan snack bar in Charlottenburg.

– 2018: Opening of another vegan snack bar in Kreuzberg.

Famous quotes

“I didn’t say a word that I had anything against Jews!”

“Nazi means ‘National Socialist’. That’s not me. I am not a communist and not a socialist. I am a German nationalist.”

“Victory of ANTIFA against ATTILA HILDMANN”

Amazing Facts

– Attila Hildmann is an enthusiastic Porsche driver. The Hildmann logo is shown on the door of the Porsche, which is characterized by two fingers in a V and stands for Vegan. The vehicle is equipped with leather seats, which contradicts the vegan lifestyle.

– Attila Hildmann made sure that people who like meat don’t have to do without it, despite a vegan diet. He created similar-tasting vegan versions of bolognese, burgers, currywurst, kebabs and sandwiches.

Estimated value: €1.3 million