Automation can play vital role in rise of Industrial Internet of Things

Automation can play vital role in rise of Industrial Internet of Things

Islamabad – Industrial automation and sound engineering play a critical role in the rise of industrial Internet of Things and has proven to raise standards and set new milestones through great public works. It is probably one of the topic of IoT that is the least communicated although it has helped in evolving and breathing life into smart technologies, said Bakhtiar Wain, CEO of Avanceon, Pakistan’s leading company.

Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is promising the industrial sector-wide opportunities to solve the everlasting real-world problem in areas such as embedded systems, automation and robotics which spans across almost all industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction. The Industrial IoT or IIoT connects machines, systems, people, and industries over the Internet.

Discussing the current and future of what is also known as smart industries, he said that  Avanceon continues to forge ahead with this state-of-the-art solution in conjunction with forward-thinking industry partners, establishing milestones in regional smart city projects; the company recently completed one of the world’s largest and most innovative virtualization projects in the Middle East district cooling industry.

Bakhtiar H. Wain, one of the pioneers of energy management solutions and virtualization in the SAMEA region acknowledged the importance of IoT in the company’s existing and future engineering projects.

Avanceon has already played a major part in delivering one the world’s largest DCC SCADA industrial project, demonstrating its pedigree in the IoT space, and contributing at its own level towards the build up to Dubai 2020.

“In an ever-changing and constructive marketplace, it is our duty to master and lead our customers through the complex technological path in order to deliver the very best solutions. We will continue offering the most relevant and effective technology mix to our clients,” added Bakhtiar H. Wain.

Safety is a critical aspect of all projects undertaken by Avanceon, at the very core of Bakhtiar’s professional conscience and an area where the Internet of Things plays a significant role. Whether mass transport systems or in the foundation of smart cities, Avanceon has applied IoT systems effectively across safety systems throughout the Dubai Metro and Lusail City projects amongst others.

“Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Avanceon, because we value the life of each individual that we touch. Every engineer, client, construction worker, member of the public that interacts with one of our projects is potentially at risk. The power of the Internet of Things lies in allowing seemingly disparate parts of the system to be wholly integrated into talking to each other. An automated analysis of all the gathered data elements can help predict a system failure, raise an alarm well in advance of what was previously possible and massively reduce fatalities,” commented Bakhtiar H Wain.

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