Azad Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €700,000
Age: 48
Born: 11/24/1973
Country of origin: Iran
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021


The German rapper Azad, whose full name is Azad Azadpour, was born on November 24, 1973 in the city of Sanandaj in Iran. The Frankfurt rapper is regarded as a pioneer of German gangsta rap and a well-known figure in battle rap. He founded the brand “Bozz Liquids” in 2016 and was therefore able to generate income from liquids for e-cigarettes in addition to earning money from the music industry.

early life

The rapper Azad saw the light of day as the son of Kurdish parents in the capital of the province of Kordestan in the early 1970s. As a refugee child, he came to Germany at a young age and came into contact with the hip hop scene in 1984 through breakdance. Over time, other urban activities of the scene, such as graffiti, beatboxing, editing and producing their own instrumentals, were added. The gangstar rapper first gained his own rap experience in 1989 when he joined the rap crew Cold-N-Locco. This first gained national attention in 1994, before the group disbanded in 1999 due to internal differences. That same year, Azad signed to Pelham Power Productions.


Azad’s first real solo album “Leben” is considered the cornerstone of his career. Released in 2001, the album features minimal beats and harsh lyrics and was produced entirely by Azad himself. The release is considered unique and still enjoys cult status today. His album “Faust des Nordwestn”, which was released 2 years later, convinced the fans with the harmonious mixture of hard battle rap and melancholic songs with depth. Azad has a daughter to whom he has already dedicated several songs such as the title “My Light”. In 2004, the rapper left Pelham Power Productions and started his own music label called Bozz Music, part of Universal Music’s Urban division. At the beginning of the founding, the group “Warheit”, the rapper Jonesmann and STI were brought on board. In the same year there was an incident at the Hip-Hop Open near Stuttgart between the rapper Sido and Azad. There was a fight between the opponents, in which Sido was slightly injured. This action caused a lot of media attention around Azad.

Career highlights

The rapper’s third album entitled “Der Bozz” was released in 2004. The album convinced with very good sales figures, despite the extremely short playing time of approx. 43 minutes, and was able to position itself at number 10 in the German album charts. The success of the album seems to be due to the renewed combination of hard street rap and deep, melancholic songs, which give a lot of room for identification.

Azad achieved a milestone in his career with the collaboration album One, which he recorded with his longtime friend and partner Kool Savas and released in 2005 via Sony BMG. The album charted at number 5 in Germany. In 2006, the rapper collaborated with Russian rapper Seryoga, famous and celebrated in his home country. The joint song entitled “2Kaiser” was released as a music video in September of that year. The artist Seryoga has already been awarded gold and platinum several times as well as the MTV Music Award and is considered a big name in the scene.

One of the most famous songs by rapper Azad is the theme song of the RTL series Prison Break. The song entitled “Prison Break Anthem (I believe in you)” was created in collaboration with Ich+Ich singer Adel Tawil. In 2007, the year it was released, the song was number 1 in the German single charts. Before Azad, only 2 other German rap artists had achieved this achievement up to this point. The single achieved gold status with 150,000 units sold and can be found on Azad’s 5th studio album “Blockschrift”. The following year, Azad was heard as a guest on a song as part of the MTV Unplugged concert by the Söhne Mannheims and was featured on the cover of TattooMagazine in the same year. After a break of several years, the two albums “Leben 2” and “Nxtl Lvl” were released in 2016 and 2017. which were able to position themselves at number 1 and 3 in the German album charts.

Famous quotes

“Brother, I’ll be there if you need me,
think of me and in the dark a light comes on.”

Azad & Adel Tawil – Prison Break Anthem

“I go my way and don’t want to lose my head
Look straight ahead, homie, I’m getting there”

Azad – One Day (feat. Cassandra Steen)

Amazing Facts

The reason Azad often produces his own beats is that he rarely finds beats he really likes. He is also a big fan of MMA fighter Conor Mcgregor and got married on June 4th, 2017. His daughter, who was born in the same year, also came from this marriage.

Estimated value: €700,000