Azet Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 29
Born: 03/06/1993
Country of origin: Kosovo
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Azet is a rapper who was born in Kosovo. He recognized his talent for music at a very young age and began to explore rap music. The Kosowo-Albanian founded a band in 2010, with which he soon produced the first songs. Azet is now a world-renowned musician who has signed record labels with the biggest record companies. With his songs sung in German, he inspires many people who buy his music and follow him on social media such as Instagram.

early life

The well-known rapper Azet was born on March 6, 1993 in Kosovo. His real name is Granit Musa and he is of Kosovar Albanian origin. He has been performing successfully for years as part of the Dresden band KMN, which also includes rappers Nash, Zuna and Miami Yacine. Azet came to Germany with his parents from Kosovo in 1994, where the family lived in the south of Dresden in the Prohlis district. After childhood he went to school in Prohlis. He met Ali in elementary school, with whom he founded the rap crew KMN in 2010. Azet initially called itself Azphalt. Ali, now known as Nash, went by the name Achillez back then. Shortly after the band formed, Zuna joined them in the crew. Azet, who trained as a restaurant manager, was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison by a Dresden court in October 2015 for assault and drug trafficking. Azet began his sentence in November 2016. Azet was released from prison on April 4, 2018 and is now free again.


After the band KMN had performed repeatedly without much success since 2010, the long-awaited success of the band finally came with the song Patte at the end of December 2016. With the song, Azet and his boys stormed the German single charts for the first time. The song number 1 reached the top 10 of the charts and even received a gold record from the Federal Music Industry Association. This was how Azet, Zuna and Achillez made their breakthrough on the rapper market and he also became a well-known international star. Azet released his debut album named Fast Life on March 30, 2018, following the single Gjynah. This album reached top positions in the album charts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Career highlights

As already mentioned, the debut album Fast Life is one of the highlights of Azet’s career, along with the singles Patte and Nr. 1. The rapper is currently still at the beginning of his career, so his followers can look forward to further projects by the musician.

Famous quotes

Azet has written many songs, so the following quotes are from his songs.

Say, who wants beef? Nine in the jeans
Run or shoot, yallah, fuck the police
Stay among us, white or colored
KMN, get in the bank with the boys.

Straight to the basement, bagged the cocaine
For our runners, Kanaks in moccasins
Some did it for nose-picking, crystal meth
But my guys for the AMG CLS.

What awesome? Rappers are on Twitter
Because they know we’ll send them to the orthodontist
Everything stays real like the films we shoot
KMN gang, crack, coke, piece company.

Either jail or death
is the view where I live
Raids start in distress
Intoxicated, kicking down and chasing million’.

tips for success

There are no direct tips for success from the rappet Azet, but he is considered a role model for many young people, especially for people who come or have come to Germany as refugees. His exemplary career, which he began at a very young age, is one of diligence, aspiration and luck. In his various ventures he could always rely on his family and the members of his band KMN, which is why they are his support and support at the same time. The rapper Azet has recently taken a break from playing music because he wants to devote himself fully to his family.

Estimated value: €2 million