Beatrice Egli Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3 million
Age: 33
Born: 06/21/1988
Country of origin: Switzerland
Source of Wealth: Pop singer, actress
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Beatrice should be known to most people through her participation in the well-known talent show DSDS in 2013. At that time, she was not only able to quickly convince the most important juror, Dieter Bohlen, but also inspired more and more people in front of the television over the weeks, so that in the end she was able to win the final with an outstanding 70%. Winning the show was followed by an incredible career beyond the borders of Germany.

early life

Beatrice grew up in the tranquil Swiss canton of Schwyz and also attended the schools there. After school she began training as a hairdresser, which she then successfully completed and worked in this profession for a good year. However, it became apparent early on that the artistic should be her true destiny. Because Beatrice, who comes from a very musical family, started singing at the age of nine and has also had professional singing lessons since she was 14. In addition, Beatrice also completed acting training in Hamburg, so that she is very versatile and proves this regularly.
Beatrice was already seen on TV a few times during her training. Even before her big breakthrough, she performed with Florian Silbereisen and in the Musikantenstadel, among others.


As already mentioned, Beatrice could already be admired a few times on television before she took part in DSDS, but it was only then that her career really took off. Because of DSDS, she was no longer one of many acts, but was the focus alone. With her great voice and positive nature, she quickly became the audience’s darling. The result of 70% in the final confirms this impressively.

After the victory, Beatrice not only received a record deal, but also a prize money of 500,000 euros. But this should only be the cornerstone of your current Net Worth. In the meantime, Beatrice has not only won numerous prizes in Germany and Switzerland, but has also played on major tours and landed various hits. She is regularly a welcome guest on a wide variety of shows and continues to delight her fans. She has also been the host of her own show of the same name for some time.

Career highlights

Beatrice’s career is basically one big highlight. However, there are still a few points that stand out again and are very special:

– 2007: First TV appearance at the Swiss Grand Prix of Folk Music
– 2009: Appearance in the “Musikantenstadl”
– 2013: Participation and victory in DSDS
– 2013: “Gold” in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for “my heart”
– 2014: Echo as newcomer (international)
– 2014: Prix Walo
– 2015: Swiss Music Awards
– 2017: Swiss Music Awards

Famous quotes

  • “With music you connect events. When you hear a song, you know exactly what it was like back then…”
  • “I am a woman who loves to win and strive for goals in life. When I play, it’s to win. I always give 100 percent.”
  • “I had to learn that it’s just better if I prefer not to say certain things.
    Basically, I’m a woman who is very honest and likes to tell people the truth to their faces. I just don’t like hypocrisy.”

Beatrice lives and loves music and, despite her incredible success, remains humble and honest as she was before. She had some experiences in show business that taught her to be more careful and to hold back a little, but always without pretending. She pursues her goals with a lot of discipline and puts a lot of work into it. It is only through perseverance and perseverance that one can make it this far and remain successful in the long term.

Amazing Facts

When she took part in the talent show DSDS, Beatrice took first place in nine out of ten live broadcasts in the viewer voting. This makes it clear once again what enormous popularity Beatrice already had at this early point in her career.

Beatrice has always lived very modestly and remained so even after her breakthrough. Until 2016, she still lived, at least partly, in her parents’ house.

She has only been using her full name in public since 2011. Previously, the pop princess had only appeared under her first name Beatrice.

Estimated value: €3 million