Ben Zucker Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €500,000
Age: 38
Born: 08/04/1983
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Ben Zucker is a German singer whose real name is Benjamin Fritsch. Ben Zucker was born on August 4, 1983 in Ueckermünde, Germany. Ben Zucker became famous because he appeared on her show with Helene Fischer.

early life

Ben Zucker was actually born in the GDR, because he grew up in East Berlin in the district of Berlin-Mitte. Shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, his parents fled with him in an adventurous way to West Germany. As a young adult, Ben Zucker later returned to Berlin. For the first few years he lived in a squat. When Ben Zucker began to play the guitar at the age of 14, his interest in music was awakened. Incidentally, his father is to blame for this, as he left his guitar to him.


After a few years of playing guitar, Ben Zucker started covering English grunge and rock songs. A little later he discovered German songs for himself and finally switched completely to German pop music. Zucker produced the song Na und?! with the two musicians Thorsten Brötzmann and Roman Lüth. This song later became the title of his debut single, which was released in March 2017. His first album was released in June 2017. The single was presented as part of a television premiere on the Schlagercountdown show, a show moderated by Florian Silbereisen. As a result, the single went from zero to number 21 in the iTunes charts within minutes. A little later, the album rose to number 32 in the German album charts. In 2018, the album even made it to number four there.

Due to his success, Ben Zucker was nominated in two categories for the Echo Pop in 2018. Unfortunately, he neither won the title “Newcomer national” nor the title “Schlager”. On June 7, 2019, his second album Who Says That?! out of here. Since then, the singer has released two gold and two platinum records in Germany and one gold record in neighboring Austria.

Career highlights

The special thing about Ben Zucker is his joint appearances, which he completed with Helene Fischer. This made the German singer known to an audience of millions in the entire German-speaking world.

Famous quotes

What do you have a heart for?
What if you don’t listen?

Our best time together is just beginning.

What we have is forever
Every day like a year
An adventure every night
The whole life.

we have changed
over the years, over time
Didn’t waste any of it
she welded us together.

Because this is our life, it is
our time
gonna love you forever
even after every fight.

i love this life
and each of you here
no matter what everyone has experienced.

Amazing Facts

It may not be known to many fans, but unfortunately it is true. Ben Zucker has now revealed a dark secret from his life because he was in prison. It came about because Ben Zucker was involved in a fight. Since he could not pay the penalty order of 2,400 euros, he had to serve a prison sentence. According to his own statement, he was in prison for a total of eight days. For the rest of the sentence, he did community service.

Ben Zucker is the singer’s stage name. His real name is Benjamin Fritsch.

Before his breakthrough as a singer, Ben Zucker had to take various support jobs. Among other things, he worked as a toilet attendant.

Ben Zucker was born in the GDR, which he left with his parents in an adventurous way. This is how the singer remembers an exciting escape: “We drove through forests a lot. At some point the Trabant got stuck. We had to continue on foot, mostly at night – we were even arrested. We were able to escape from the reception center – thanks to a grandma we were able to bribe. We walked through forests and across fields. Eventually we reached the refugee camp. There was a Snickers and ice cream. We had made it.”

Ben Zucker is a real family man who cares a lot about his parents and grandmother. He also has a daughter who recently started school.

Ben Zucker is currently one of the most successful male soloists in German-language music. His fans live in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the coming year, Ben Zucker will be giving several additional concerts so that more fans can enjoy a concert with the star.

Estimated value: €500,000