Benjamin Boyce Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €50,000
Age: 53
Born: 08/23/1968
Country of origin: London, UK
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Benjamin Boyce was born in England and grew up with his mother in the Netherlands after his parents separated. He is best known for his boy band Caught in the Act, which was formed in 1992. After the group broke up in 1998, things went quiet around him. After that, he repeatedly made headlines in public. On the one hand with his various relationships, on the other hand because of his deep fall due to drugs and alcohol. Again and again he tried a comeback, also in musical terms, but rather unsuccessfully.

early life

Benjamin Boyce was born on August 23, 1968 in Edgware near London. As the son of a pianist and a cellist, he was born with music. After his parents separated, Benjamin grew up with his mother in the Netherlands. He completed his studies in graphic design in Canada. Boyce wanted to be an actor and that’s why he went to the USA. He returned to the Netherlands and received minor roles in films and TV commercials. His great career began as a member of the group Caught in the Act, formed in 1992.


Between 1992 and 1998 he and his three bandmates sold over 20 million records worldwide. The fans were mainly teenage girls, if only because of the band’s four quite attractive musicians. the boy band’s live performances triggered a storm of enthusiasm at the time. In 1998 the group disbanded and Benjamin launched a solo career. After separating from his bandmates, Benjamin Boyce fell back on alcohol and drugs again and again. He kept getting back on his feet and trying to stay afloat.

With his singles “Change” and “10,000 Light Years” and his music album “Benjamin Boyce” he was able to place himself in the German charts several times. In 1996 he got to know the German moderator Aleksandra Bechtel through his appearances on the VIVA station. The two were in a relationship for over 5 years, Benjamin moved to Germany in 1997. He lived in Cologne until 2009, at the end of 2009 he moved to Amsterdam. His daughter was born in October 2007 and he moved back to Cologne in 2015. In 2018 he and the tattoo model Kate Merlan became a couple, the two have since separated again.

Career highlights

In late December 2000, Boyce appeared in two episodes of the series Unter Uns. He plays himself and presented his single “Lonely”. In 2002 he appeared in “Who Kisses the Bride”, a German comedy. He made a comeback in 2004 when he took part in the Pro Sieben show “Comeback”. He finished second there, behind Smokie singer Chris Norman. In the same year he had his biggest success in Germany with “Where is your Love”. In the years that followed, he took part in series such as “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” and in 2012 on the talent show “The Winner is…”. In October 2012 his single “whatever you’re looking for” was released. This was dedicated to his daughter. In 2015 he was a participant in the RTL reality show “I’m a star – get me out of here” for 10 days. He only occupies 9th place, and his contract was terminated prematurely by the broadcaster due to allegations by his girlfriend.

Benjamin’s single “I’m Free” was released in September 2016, followed in 2017 by the title “25 Years”, appropriate to his stage anniversary. His single “Want You Back” followed in 2018, which he released together with Michael Morgan. Boyce appeared with his partner Kate Merlan in March 2019 in the weekly television series “Celebrities” and appeared with her on the reality show “Sommerhaus der Stars” on RTL. The couple split up just two months later.

Specific quotes from Benjamin Boyce are not known. During his stay on the series “I’m a star, get me out of here”, there were now and then somewhat irrelevant sayings.

Success Tips/Amazing Facts

Benjamin has had a lot of success from a young age. Like many other stars, a steep fall followed, combined with alcohol and drugs. But he got back on his feet and made many attempts to make money. If only to support his daughter. Benjamin has a sunny disposition. Despite all the quarrels that have taken place in the television reality series, he is a humorous person who is great to have fun with.

Estimated value: €50,000