Bill Kaulitz net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €20 million
Age: 32
Born: 09/01/1989
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer, model, voice actor
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Bill Kaulitz, the charismatic singer of the German music band Tokio Hotel, doesn’t let himself be forced into a scheme. He polarizes, is always in a good mood and seems to be surprisingly able to cope with the pitfalls and downsides of success. Despite his dazzling appearance, his concise way of styling himself, he is not an artificial figure. He lives what he represents. It shows how it is and does not bend. His Net Worth may amount to 20 million euros, although this is not only made up of income from tours and record sales. It can be assumed that Bill Kaulitz achieved larger sums through advertising, model jobs and film dubbing. He was also a jury member in popular talent shows.

early life

Bill Kaulitz and his brother Tom were born as identical twins in Leipzig and grew up in Loitsche near Magdeburg. This is where the story of the two Kaulitz siblings begins, who already have only one interest at the age of seven: music. Little did they know back then that over 7 million people from 68 countries would eventually buy their albums.

Parents let their children develop freely. Thanks to his contacts, the stepfather, himself a musician, gives the two of them the opportunity to perform in the area at city festivals and private celebrations in front of a manageable audience. Two years later, Bill and Tom made the acquaintance of Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing in this way. With them, the concept of a band takes on clearer forms for the first time. They call themselves Devilish and perform together, on a small scale and without much success.

In 2003, Peter Hoffmann, a music manager, became aware of Bill when the boy, aged only 13, appeared in a musical talent show on his own. Hoffmann finds Bill interesting and not only signs him but also his little band Devilish.


The breakthrough is not long in coming. In 2005 the first album was released. It’s called “Scream” and sells up to 1.5 million copies in the next 2 years. The album and the single releases stayed in the German charts for weeks. At the end of the same year, the four band members start their first tour. The band is now called Tokio Hotel and from June 2005 to July 2006 they performed on every stage in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A few concerts are also given in France and the Netherlands. Bill, a growing teenager at this point, becomes a fan favorite. And it’s raining gold and platinum.

In 2007 the next album called “Room 483” follows. For the international market there is an English version that has had a meteoric impact. After that, Tokio Hotel will be on tour again, this time all over Europe. 25 countries are on the schedule. One of the concerts is filmed and successfully played in the cinema.

The tour has hardly ended when the next album comes out in 2009. It’s called “Humanoid” and sounds different than its predecessors. Bill looks different too, having swapped his spiky hairstyle, t-shirt and jeans for a mohawk and futuristic glittery robes. The new style resonates with the fan community, the album sells 1 million copies around the world – including in the USA. Nevertheless, “Humanoid” can only claim first place in the German charts for a week. The following tour this time leads through Europe, South America and Asia.

In 2010, Bill temporarily takes a different direction. He made himself available as a model for the Canadian fashion label Dsquared, met Joop and Lagerfeld and walked the catwalk at Milan Week. But the tours of recent years and the overwhelming response from millions of followers soon take their toll. Bill can’t take it anymore. He needs space and goes to Los Angeles with his brother Tom.

The band only returned in 2014. There is a new album called “Kings of Suburbia”. It cannot build on the successes of the three predecessors and only achieves meager sales figures on the German market. Things are different abroad. The album is a hit in many countries – even before it is even released. And this despite the offensive lyrics, which many consider critical. A tour will take place anyway. It stretches over 10 months across Europe, South America, North America and Russia.

In 2016, Bill tries a solo project, a mini-album with only 5 tracks. After that, he continues to work with Tokio Hotel.

Then, in 2017, another album called “Dream Machine”. Since “Kings of Suburbia” Bill only sings in English. While the titles used to be written “behind the scenes” by unknown songwriters, “Dream Machine” now only contains self-composed songs by the Kaulitz brothers and their bandmates. The German fans seem to be gradually falling away. The album doesn’t get any further than number 5. The following tour leads again across Europe and Russia.

Two new singles will follow in spring 2019. The style has changed further, now it sounds more like soul and funk. The opinions of the fans differ. Nevertheless there is a tour, again in Europe and Russia. The hard core of the fan community sticks with the band. The spell that emanates from Tokio Hotel seems unbroken.

Career highlights

Over the years, the band has won over a hundred national and international awards, including the coveted Echo. Tokio Hotel also managed to win the MTV Video Music Award several times, something that hardly any other German artist has managed to do. In 2007, thanks to a personal invitation from the then French President Nicholas Sarkozy, the band was allowed to sing under the Eiffel Tower in front of 500,000 people on France’s national holiday.

Famous quotes

Perhaps the secret of Tokio Hotel’s success lies in the fact that Bill Kaulitz leaves nothing to chance when it comes to him and his band. This self-critical attitude is evident in his words: “I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing and can no longer erase my mistakes”. A surprisingly mature attitude for such a young man. Still, Bill has a good dose of mischievous humor. Also the following sentence from his mouth: “Sleep with rock stars – support art!”.

Amazing Facts

Tokio Hotel, especially frontman Bill Kaulitz, always enjoyed great popularity abroad. Israel, too, was gripped by the fever. In 2007, local supporters started a petition to persuade the band to play in their home country, which Tokio Hotel actually did – in front of an audience of 3,000. The Israeli girls adored Bill, and learning German was suddenly in demand like never before. Like the rest of the world, fans wanted to understand their idol’s words. The shadows of the common past were mercifully overlooked. After all, it was about Tokio Hotel. And about music. And as is well known, this connects and overcomes all borders.

Estimated value: €20 million