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Bushido Net Worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

Bushido (civil Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi) is one of the most famous rappers in Germany. He has been in the rap business for over 20 years, has had a number of media scandals and countless gold and platinum awards. In this article you will learn everything about Bushido’s supposed Net Worth and his sources of income.

How much money does Bushido have?

Exact details of Anis Ferchichi’s account balance are not public, but one can roughly estimate his assets considering all known sources of income. In 2019 the estimated net worth of Bushido is around 15 million dollars.

All sources of income at a glance:

  • Music revenue (album sales and streaming)
  • Earnings from live performances and tours
  • Income from label artist “EGJ” (until 2018)
  • Merchandise revenue
  • Author’s royalties
  • Income from other lines of business
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Estimated income 2018 2 million dollars
Estimated income 2019 500,000 dollars
Fee per performance 30,000 dollars

Bushido also owns the following (extremely expensive) luxury cars:

  • Mercedes AMG GT4 (95,000 dollars)
  • Ferrari 458 Spider (194,000 dollars)
Bushido's new car
Bushido’s new car (Ferrari 458 Spider / 570 hp / 194,000 dollars)

Bushido’s career and history

Bushido’s rap career began in 1998, back then with the name “Sonny Black”. Initially, he was mainly active in the Berlin underground, where he first gained notoriety and fans with underground rap tapes. A few years later he joined the music label “Aggro Berlin” he and he achieved the first international rap successes through various collaborations with the rapper Fler. In 2004, Bushido said goodbye to “Aggro Berlin” and founded his own label with the name “Erstguterjunge” (EGJ). The next album bore the name “From the skyline to the curb back”. This made it to #1 in the German charts and even received one platinum award (from 200,000 units sold). From now on, his career only went uphill.

As of 2012, the rapper signed shindy at Bushido’s record label “EGJ” and the two were seen or heard for the first time together in the music video of “Panamera Flow”. A little later, the rapper Ali Bumaye joined and countless collaborations and solo albums by the rappers followed.

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Bushido, Capital Bra & Samra (EGJ 2018)
Bushido, Capital Bra & Samra

At the end of 2017 there were disputes between Arafat Abou-Chaker and the Abou-Chaker clan, as well as internally with the label artists, which resulted in all artists leaving the label. In early 2018, the rapper finally came Samra added to the Bushidos label. A little later it became known that also Capital Bra, who had recently left his former label, signed with Bushido’s label “Ersguterjunge”. Afterwards, all three artists were extremely present in the media and released several songs together, such as “For all of you”, “Roli Glitter Glitter”, “melodies”, “Benzema“, etc

Earlier in 2019, Capital Bra announced that he separated from EGJ have, because Bushido, according to him, cooperates closely with the police. Samra also left the same day, resulting in that Bushido is now again the only artist in “Ersguterjunge” is.

Bushido’s discography – summary of the last years

In 2010 Bushido released together with Rapper Sido the album “23”. Then there was a collaboration with Kay One and Fler under the name “Berlins Most Wanted”. However, this trio broke up again due to disputes with Kay One. The albums “Sonny Black” (February 14, 2014) and “Carlo Cokxxx Nutten 3” (February 13, 2015) are still considered by Bushido fans to be his greatest albums to this day. On the song “Gangsta Rap Kings” from the album “Sonny Black” were the rappers Kollegah, Farid Bang and Bushido for the first time together as a threesome listen. To date, Bushido has released 12 solo albums. His penultimate album “Black Friday”, which was released in 2017, broke numerous streaming records on Spotify. In 2018 his last solo album was released, which also included collaborations with the then label artists Capital Bra and Samra.

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Bushido discography - albums of recent years (until 2018)
List: Discography of Bushido (2006 to 2018)

profile to Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi (Bushido):

Date of birth September 28, 1978 (age 41)
Place of birth Bonn, Germany
Marital status married (to Anna-Maria Ferchichi)
Current Location Berlin, Germany
Bourgeois name Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi
nicknames Anise, Bu, Bushido, Sonny Black, Bubu
Number of Children 5

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