Bushido Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €15 million
Age: 43
Born: 09/28/1978
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Bushido is a German rapper with Tunisian roots and his real name is Anis Mohammed Ferchichi. He was a member of the well-known Berlin hip hop label Aggro Berlin before founding his own music label “ersguterjunge”. The rapper is known for his controversial lyrics, which is why many albums have had to be indexed in the past. The style of his music is strongly based on the American gangsta rap of the 90s and the lyrics are characterized by drugs, violence and vulgar pronunciation, which allows conclusions to be drawn about his personal youth experiences as a drug dealer.

early life

Born in Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, the gangster rapper grew up in the Berlin district of Tempelhof. The German mother was left by Bushido’s Tunisian father at an early age. In the years that followed, there was no contact between Bushido and his biological father and his mother raised him entirely on her own. After primary school, the German rapper attended a high school in Tempelhof until he dropped out in the 11th grade. Bushido then successfully completed an apprenticeship as a painter and varnisher, during which he met his future music partner Fler.

By entering the graffiti scene, he finally found music and after the release of his first tape “King ov Kingz” came to the Berlin hip hop label Aggro Berlin. Through this label he finally released the album “Carlo Cokxxx Nutten” in 2002 under the pseudonym Sonny Black. In 2004 Bushido founded his own label “ersguterjunge”


With his solo album “Vom Bordstein bis der Skyline” the rapper managed to appear at bigger hip hop festivals like the Splash! to get hold of. The album is still considered a milestone that has made a significant contribution to the musical development of the genre. The gloomy and oppressive atmosphere was unique to date and redefined the boundaries of German gangsta rap. “From the curb to the skyline” was also the first Bushido release to appear in the German charts (88th place), laying the foundation for today’s commercial success.

Career highlights

After separating from the Aggro Berlin label due to artistic differences with other members, Bushido founded the “ersguterjunge” label together with D-Bo. With the simultaneous signing of a contract with Urban/Universal Music, he released the LP “Electro Ghetto” in 2004, which took him to number 6 in the German charts. The following year, the rapper recorded the sequel to his album Carlo Cokxxx Nutten. Instead of his former partner Fler, the album was recorded in collaboration with the Bremen rapper Baba Saad. The reason for this was a long dispute, which resulted in several disstracks. In the period that followed, the albums “Der Staatsfeind Nr.1” and “From the curb to the skyline back” were released. The latter received gold status after 2 weeks and then a platinum award. This album was considered to be Bushido’s most successful release to date. The success was crowned in the same year by an Echo in the category “Live Act National” and an award from the MTV Music Awards in the category “Best German Act”. With his LP “7” he managed for the first time in his career to position an album at number 1 in the charts. The CD reached platinum status in Germany and Austria and as a result the rapper received 2 echoes again in 2008. In the years that followed, Bushido continued this success and published his biography in 2008, with which he was able to reach number 1 in the Spiegel bestseller list. The book was also adapted into a film directed by Uli Edel and in collaboration with Bernd Eichinger, which around 300,000 people saw on the opening weekend. The film was followed by a soundtrack of the same name, which was certified gold.

Famous quotes

The most famous Bushido song quotes:

“Everyone tries to talk you out of your dreams
Because they hope you’ll start giving up
And you ask yourself when will the rain stop?
Can’t she just stop stepping on you?”

from: Bushido – Everything will be fine

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s smoking, partying, drinking, drugs
That’s not how you raised your blood
Everyone thinks of themselves, but who thinks of you?
Former college jackets, now the suit
you don’t recognize yourself”

from: Bushido – forever young

General Bushido Quotes:

“If you sell your soul, at least the price has to be right.”

Amazing Facts

What few people know about the rapper Bushido is that he turned down the offer to act as the opening act for the well-known US rapper Snoop Doog. According to his own statement, he did this in order to be able to claim to have rejected Snoop Dogg. A similar incident also happened in connection with the rap icon Lloyd Banks. At a meeting, Bushido said to him that New York could not compete with his hometown of Berlin.

Furthermore, he got his current name through a Playstation game. It was only through this that the rapper came across the term “Bushido” and made it his stage name.

Estimated value: €15 million