Capital Bra Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €5.5 million
Age: 27
Born: 11/23/1994
Country of origin: Siberia, Russia
Source of Wealth: Rapper, Entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Capital Bra (real name: Vladislav Balovatskyi), also known as “Capi, Capital or Joker Bra”, is already the most successful artist of all time – in the German rap business. Born in Russia, he had more number 1 hits in just 2 years than many international musicians. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland he even broke streaming and chart records with his sales figures.

early life

Vladislav Balovatsky was born in Siberia in 1994. Until he was 7 years old, he lived with his family in the city of Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). He then moved to the Hohenschönhausen district of Berlin together with his mother.

In his youth he was prosecuted and imprisoned for several petty crimes. Due to countless fights, he even had to change schools until he finally dropped out in the 9th grade.

At the age of 11 (2005) he came into contact with rap and made his first steps. Five years later he published his first songs on YouTube, but there was no success. In 2014 he decided to take part in the acapella battle rap platform “Rap on Wednesday”, which is well-known throughout Germany.

At said event, two rappers duel publicly, with the audience as the jury, in the discipline acapella rap (without a beat). He was able to record a few victories, which in turn brought him the attention he wanted.


After getting enough attention on RAM (Wednesday Rap), Capital Bra decided to pursue a solo career.

The first single “Bra mach die Uzi” was released in December 2015. This was followed by three more: “Kuku Habibi”, “Kreid” and “Fluchtwagen Glänzen”. However, none of the songs make it into the German charts.

In the spring of 2016 he released his debut album “Kuku Bra”, with which he reached number 32 in the German and 61 in the Austrian charts. In the same year he published a feature with the rapper “Gzuz” (187 Straßenbande), for which he received the first gold status in Germany with over 100,000 units sold.

His second album was released on February 3, 2017, with which he made it to number one in Austria and number two in Germany. In September 2017 he released another album “Blyat” which has sold over 100,000.

Not even a year later, in June 2018, he followed up with the album “Berlin Lives”. With this release, the hard-working rapper once again brought more gold into the house. He also went to the top of the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Just four months passed before he finished his 5th studio album, which, however, could not top the success of “Berlin Lives”.

The 6th album went over the counter on April 12, 2019. This once again achieved gold status, and once again, first place in Germany and Austria. In total, Captial has released 75 singles, 6 studio albums and 4 EPs.

Career highlights

ADVERTISING DEAL: At the beginning of 2018, the international sporting goods manufacturer NIKE became aware of the up-and-coming artist due to the numerous successes and enormous attention on social media channels. This earned Joker Bra an endorsement deal with the conglomerate.

Cherry Lady Cover: The pop titan Dieter Bohlen and Capi worked together in spring 2019 to release a revised version of the legendary world hit from “Mondern Talking”. The single was viewed almost 60 million times on YouTube in just one year.

RECORD: In 2019 it was announced that Capital Bra broke the Beatles’ unbeaten record for more than 50 years with 12 number one hits. They held the record for half a century with 11 top finishes.

SPOTIFY: Around 1.4 billion clicks went to the account of the German-Russian in 2019. The incredible number of streams made him the “most listened to rapper of the year”. As a result, he was voted Germany’s most successful artist.

Famous quotes

  • “The sweater keeps me warm, whether it’s Gucci or Primark, I can get from A to B, whether it’s a Polo or Maybach”
  • “My heart is dead, but I’m still alive, I can’t forget, but I can forgive”
  • “It doesn’t matter whether it’s rich or poor, black or white, because at the end of the day everyone bleeds the same”

Amazing Facts

In 2018, published an article about Capital Bra, in which the author criticized him for his lyrics. He then expressed his anger at the article in an Instagram story. You would “put the words in his mouth” ´, he lamented.

The result was that countless of his followers (more than a million people follow him on Instagram) literally flooded the site with hate comments and triggered a shitstorm. The article was taken down immediately and republished a short time later in a defused interpretation.

Towards the end of 2019, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office announced that investigations into attempted extortion had recently been initiated. Allegedly, criminals from the clan milieu tried to force the rapper to pay protection money in the 6-digit range.

Estimated value: €5.5 million