Capo Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €700,000
Age: 32
Born: 05/22/1990
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Capo or Capo Azzlack, whose real name is Cem Anhan, is a German rapper from Offenbach am Main. He rose to prominence by guest-starring on the songs of his older brother, the hit rapper Haftsperre.

early life

Capo was born in the Hessian Rhein-Main metropolis Offenbach am Main, the son of a Kurdish father and a Turkish mother. In addition to Capo, his parents have two other sons, one of whom is the rapper Haftsperre, known throughout Germany. At the age of 9, the young capo suffered a severe stroke of fate when his father took his own life. Due to his father’s suicide, Capo’s mother raised her sons entirely on her own. Since financial problems can arise again and again, his older brother began to drop out of school and started selling drugs. He tried to fill the missing father role, but had to flee to Turkey in 2006 to avoid imprisonment for fraud. Capo himself, according to his own statement, also left school without a degree. Actively in touch with the rap scene, Capo came through his brother’s breakthrough in 2010. He charted successfully with his album “Azzlack Stereotyp” and founded the Azzlacks label. Due to family problems and the rough handling on the streets of Offenbach, Capo began to process and compensate for his experience in the form of texts. However, his brother Warrant was initially opposed to his younger brother following in his footsteps as a rapper and eventually relented. Capo first came to the public through a guest contribution on the song “OF Babylon” by Celo & Abdi, which was heard on the rental car tape. Capo was also represented with a part on the arrest warrant album “Kanackis”.


Due to the increasing level of fame, which he owed to his brother arrest warrant, Capo was seen as an independent rapper over time. In 2013, Capo decided to break the style and wanted to deviate from hard gangsta rap on his debut album, following his brother’s example. Due to this fact, his first album entitled “Hallo Monaco” turned out to be much softer and more suitable for clubs. Rappers Shindy, Cro, and Bausa each contributed guest contributions. The album reached number 21 on the album charts. In the year of the release, Capo also founded his own label “Hitmonks”. Capo signed the then unknown top ten rapper Bausa on his label. This was also represented on the album “Hello Monaco”. Five years after signing the contract with Capo, Bausa broke all records with his number 1 hit “What you love called”. After his debut, it was initially quiet around the Offenbacher. This retired from the music business and founded a profitable luxury rental car company. In addition, Capo was also active in supporting his brother’s water pipe tobacco business and as a silent partner in various shisha bars.

Career highlights

After a while of musical abstinence, Capo released his second album “Alles auf Rot” in 2017. This was able to place in the album charts at number 4 in Germany, number 6 in Austria and number 9 in Switzerland and thus represents his most successful solo work to date. With the song “Lambo Diablo GT” which was created together with Nimo, Capo received his first gold and then even a platinum record for over 400,000 units sold. Due to the great successes he achieved, Capo soon founded his second own label called “Moneykartell”.


“I’m living my dream, but still not everything is perfect, many brothers still live in poverty and dirt, heh”
– Capo

Frankfurt am Main isn’t Miami Vice, but we’re in the 80s movie
– Capo

Amazing Facts

The well-known and successful rapper Kurdo was discovered by Capo and owes his success to him.

Estimated value: €700,000