Caro Daur Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €4 million
Age: 27
Born: 03/12/1995
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: influencer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Caro Daur is a German influencer and blogger. Over 2 million people follow her on Instagram, making her one of the most successful influencers in German-speaking countries. Posting photos every day is part of her everyday life, which is why there are already over 4000 posts on her account. She has been active on her blog for several years. There she writes about fashion and lifestyle and seems to have struck a chord with her generation. Several hundred thousand readers visit the website every month. Caro Daur now works with various well-known brands, including Chanel and Cartier, and is a frequent guest at their fashion events around the world. From time to time she can also be seen as a model on the catwalk.

early life

Caro Daur was born on March 12, 1995 as Katharina Caroline Daur in Hamburg and grew up in Seevetal with her sister Isa, who was two years her senior. Her mother works as a manager and her father is a lawyer. Her parents’ marriage was harmonious. Her interest in fashion was sparked at an early age by magazines like Vogue, which her mother bought regularly. By her own admission, Caro Daur had a rebellious phase at the age of 15 and 16. Due to her passion for fashion, she started her popular blog as a teenager and gradually gained notoriety. In addition to working as a blogger, she studied business administration. She still lives with her parents in the 15 square meter children’s room and enjoys spending time with the family.


After her fashion blog recorded increasing visitor numbers, Caro Daur opened an account on Instagram shortly afterwards. There she posted numerous shots from the fashion sector. Gradually, well-known brands became aware of her and invited her to their fashion events so that she reported about it on her blog or on her account. A life of the jet set began and constant travel to the hippest cities of the scene became everyday life. She can often be seen with other well-known faces from the industry, such as Stefanie Giesinger. Labels such as Marc O’Polo, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger or Cartier are among their clients and use Caro Daur as the advertising face for their products. With an advertising posting, which she always marks with the hashtags #anzeige or #advertisement, she now earns several thousand euros. Since Caro Daur only has low expenses and the flights and meals are provided by the client, her Net Worth is constantly growing and has long since broken the million mark.

Career highlights

In 2015, Bunte magazine awarded Caro Daur the New Faces Award in the Fashion Digital category. In January 2017, she walked the catwalk at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show. In May of the same year, she was named Idol of the Year at the About You Awards. 2017 also saw the release of the film High Society – Opposites Attract, in which Caro Daur has a small role. In addition to an appearance on Sat.1 breakfast television, she gave detailed interviews to the TV magazines Exklusiv, Brisant and Taff. In the quiz show who knows something? she was shown in early 2018 and in January 2020. Caro Daur has been a campaign ambassador for the Jugend gegen AIDS association since 2018. At the casting show Germany’s Next Topmodel she was seen as an additional member of the jury for one episode.

Famous quotes

When Caro Daur was asked in an interview with the gala what she always eats on the go, she answered: I’m Mrs. Snack-Queen. She especially likes small and handy snacks like rice cakes and crackers, but she also always has her daily dose of vitamins in the form of an apple with her. When it comes to perfumes, Caro Daur is not fixed on a specific scent. It should be fresh and not too sweet. According to her own statements, she uses around 15 different perfumes. When asked about her fears, she replied that she was afraid of loss and very afraid of losing someone from her family or her circle of friends. According to her own words, Caro Daur doesn’t have any problems with homesickness when she travels, because she carries her family in her heart and always has her mobile phone with her.

tips for success

Caro Daur does not see her success as a product that came about by chance, but as the result of hard work. Even if a portion of luck is part of it, their diligence and effort ultimately paid off. She uses the quiet atmosphere in her parents’ house to recharge her batteries for her travels and stressful events. For Daur, disciplined and goal-oriented work is the basis for a successful career. Because Daur has a hard time juggling all of her appointments, she recommends that others not clutter their planners too much and plan long breaks and a few days off per week. Otherwise it just causes unnecessary stress.

Estimated value: €4 million