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Christian Eckerlin Net Worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

Christian Eckerlin net worth: Christian Eckerlin is a former German soccer player and current middleweight mixed martial arts fighter. He is the current middleweight champion of the German MMA Championship (GMC) and a member of the Hells Angels. Eckerlin began his career in the development team of SV Darmstadt 98 and was promoted to the U23s, but was used four times in the 2006/07 season in the third-class regional league. For the 2007/08 league season, he was called up to the squad for the first team, but failed to gain a regular spot. Eckerlin fought in his first professional mixed martial arts match on September 12, 2009. On March 19, 2019, he defeated Nihad Nasufovic to win the GMC Middleweight Title.

Christian Eckerlin Net Worth
Christian Eckerlin Net Worth

Ivo Ilicevic, a HSV professional, is his best friend. His professional football career began in the mid-2000s with today’s Bundesliga club Darmstadt 98, coached by current Hamburg coach Bruno Labbadia. Eckerlin had every opportunity to establish himself as a very important personality on the soccer field. At the age of 19, the defender’s market value was 25,000 dollars.

A few years ago he changed his mind. Instead of risking an injury playing football, the Odenwald now decides to go into sales. Eckerlin is still a member of the TSV Lehnerz of the Landesliga Hessen.

Christian Eckerlin Net Worth
Christian Eckerlin Net Worth

Eckerlin is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. A martial art that incorporates elements of various Olympic sports such as judo and boxing. Thus, the opponent can be kicked on the ground and hit. A truly despicable affair.

Eckerlin to BILD: “It’s true, it seems to be pretty intense. To be honest, I think football is a lot riskier. I’ve always injured myself playing soccer, never martial arts.

Eckerlin could not only support himself by kicking. Yes, from boxing. Through the sponsorship, he earns a four-digit monthly base salary. The battle exchanges are in the lower five-digit range. “I can earn a nice living from this,” said Eckerlin.

The biggest highlight so far was a fight in front of 12,500 people in St. Petersburg, Russia. “When I walked in, I got goosebumps. Of course I would like to have another similar experience. I’ll fight for that with heart and soul.” Christian Eckerlin will probably play 90 minutes as a central defender, but that’s only a secondary obligation for the trained baker. The 29-year-old Limburg native with the hard-fighting nickname is a household figure in the German MMA scene. The English abbreviation for “Mixed Martial Arts” alone provides information about what Eckerlin spends most of his time with: It’s about martial arts. The majority of it. And all this in a single sport.

Christian Eckerlin Net Worth
Christian Eckerlin Net Worth

The fighters use boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, muay thai and karate punching and kicking methods, as well as ground fighting and wrestling tactics derived from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, judo and sambo. Other martial arts techniques are also integrated. At least that’s how it looks on Wikipedia. And because it all seems very risky, we’d like to hear directly from Eckerlin.

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When he answered the phone yesterday, the martial artist made one thing very clear: “Everyone can read on that I am one of the most ethical footballers.” One thing is crucial for welterweights: “My passion for football remains, even if I give up the professional career I wanted in Darmstadt.”

There Eckerlin last played in the regional league and returned to the same league with Aschaffenburg after a six-year break. His wife in Limburg and the soon-to-be-born son prompted another change of direction.

In the meantime, Eckerlin has resumed his training in Frankfurt and can already look back on a successful MMA career. In October 2010 he won the first European welterweight champion, the following year he pulled off a completely different coup: On September 11, Eckerlin scored the best national KO of the year when he dropped veteran Sebastian Baron with a left hook. These achievements earned him an international contract with M-1 Global, Europe’s largest operator.

Football is back on Saturday. In any case, Eckerlin is looking forward to a competitive game in the Hessen League against OSC Vellmar: “I dislocated my shoulder five times, broke my hand, my knees are beaten.” Most of that didn’t happen in football, of course, and that’s enough for me.

Christian Eckerlin Net Worth
Christian Eckerlin Net Worth

How did he fare in the octagon?

Christian Eckerlin Net Worth
Christian Eckerlin Net Worth

Ostraca, Czech Republic will host Oktagon 29. Afternoon battles begin December 4th at 12 EST/9 PT. The first fight will be showcased for free on Oktagon’s YouTube channel before PPV purchases can be made on the promotion’s website. MMA Sucka has all the fight results for you. Bojan Velikovi meets undefeated division champion David Kozma in the main event for the promotion’s welterweight championship. It’s exactly 11 days before Velikovi’s deadline that he gets his chance to win the belt.

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Christian Eckerlin, the German MMA superstar and former GMC Welterweight and Middleweight Champion, will make his professional debut in the co-main event.

Another intriguing match is Daniel Dittrich vs. Thomas Narmo, a showdown between a former heavyweight championship contender and a Norwegian Viking with a showman’s spirit. Also present are Roman Paulus and Karol Ryan, the winners of the reality show OKTAGON CHALLENGE. In the first round, David Kozma defeated Bojan Velickovic by TKO (punches) to retain the Oktagon Welterweight Championship. Lose Keita defeated Karol Rysavy via TKO (punches) and Christian Eckerlin defeated John Palaiologos via submission (rear-naked choke).

In the first round, Al Matavao defeated Pavel Salcak by TKO (punches), while Marcin Naruszczka defeated Jakub Bele by unanimous decision.

Arda Adas defeated Jan Malach in the third round after submitting a cross arm breaker.

Arthur Karaev wins by unanimous decision against Omar Santana.

Roman Paulus defeated Peter Gabal via technical KO (punches) in the third round with 4:40 of the first half.

How well did he do in the ring?

Christian Eckerlin Net Worth
Christian Eckerlin Net Worth

The match between German Christian Eckerlin and Greek Ioannis Palaiologos in the Oktagon 29 event in Brno ended in the fastest time of the day. Eckerlin was able to put his opponent to sleep by strangling him in less than two minutes and 55 seconds. After praising the large number of Czechs who showed their support, the Frankfurt millionaire was awarded his diploma. “My inbox is overflowing with messages from admirers wishing me success and expressing their dedication. I very much hope that I was able to give them back some of the favor they showed me”, said Eckerlin, expressing his joy at the result a few minutes after the win.

He faced a strong opponent. He was kicked in the legs by the slim Palaiologos, who repeatedly slapped him in the morning. He even kneeled Eckerlin in the head, resulting in a cut above Eckerlin’s right eye and a bleeding wound in the cage. It doesn’t matter what happened today, he said. “But I could feel the cut on my eyeball… As he handed me the first one, it dawned on me that I should be more careful. They even hurt if you throw them from behind.”

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Therefore, Eckerlin decided to change tactics and take his fight to the ground, where he showed more skill and agility. Less than three minutes later, he placed his fingers under Palaiologos’ chin, his back against the net.

What tactics did he use?

Christian Eckerlin Net Worth
Christian Eckerlin Net Worth

As he put the Greek to sleep, he began to strangle him. Seeing that Palaiologos’ hands were already limp and powerless, the referee declared the fight over.

“The fight was going to be tough and I was prepared for it. I thought he wasn’t as powerful as he seemed. As far as I know, he didn’t do anything to me, but it didn’t. That wasn’t the case. Anyway, I really appreciated it. That was a promise I made to myself that I would keep, and here we are.” Eckerlin had his ear.

He wrestles in Brno with the agreed weight of 80 kg and wants to stay in the octagon (77 kg). For its part, the organization has goals for the German market as a whole. Before the debut, she described Eckerlin as one of the few foreigners.

Bryan Lacey, the presenter for English competitions, interviewed him live during the video he was filming with her, in which he also revealed his family’s whereabouts near Frankfurt. “Christian has a lot to offer. Former Hell’s Angels member, owns a ranch, a Ferrari and a nightclub. As a multi-millionaire, he is also the first to donate money to the poor on the street,” said promoter Pavol Neruda.

The second owner, Ondrej Novotny, said: “We have a longer term relationship with the entire MMA Spirit team.” Oktagon have already agreed to allow local TV stations to broadcast the full competition and it is possible that they will do so again in the near future. The German Christian Jungwirth and Arda Adas are also represented in the exhibition.

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