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Christian Kohlund Net Worth – Age & Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Christian Kohlund Net Worth: Corona is a nightmare. Actor Christian Kohlund finds it difficult to remain optimistic in the Corona crisis. Photo: Bild Allianz / Georg Wendt / dpa.

Christian Kohlund is a wealthy actor who is also on the most sought after list. We estimate Christian Kohlund’s net worth to be around $1.5 million based on information from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider. Visit the website for more information.

Christian Kohlund Net Worth

A Swiss actor, Christian Kohlund (born August 17, 1950 in Basel). Die Schwarzwaldklinik, Die Insel, Das Traumhotel and Der Zürcher Krimi are just a few of the TV shows that have made him a household name. Father and mother are well-known artists; Christian Kohlund’s sister was a famous actress and director. From 1970 to 1972 he studied at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna and performed at several theaters. Theaters where he worked include the Munich Residenztheater, the Theater in der Josefstadt in Vienna, the Freie Volksbühne in Berlin, the Zurich Schauspielhaus and the Ernst Deutsch Theater in Hamburg. He also attended Cambridge University in England. Kohlund was also involved in film distribution and his many theatrical tours. He was a producer, director and cinematographer in the film industry. He began his acting career on television in the 1970s. At the beginning of his professional life, he made a few feature films, such as “The Pedestrian” (1973) with Maximilian Schell or “The Bridge from Zupanja” (1975) with Heinz Rühmann and Senta Berger in “The Chinese Miracle” from 1977.

“I’m naturally positive, but right now you’re incredibly irritated yourself.” This information overload about the coronavirus makes it very difficult to think positively. “It always pulls you down. In culture, it’s an absolute disaster, especially for freelancers.”

He fell quietly “because we could produce”. “But many of them had absolutely no work. The question is how to survive it,” said the native Swiss, who now lives in the Bavarian Forest.

Kohlund is one of the most recognizable faces on German television. He was seen in the “Black Forest Clinic”, in the “Traumhotel” and in many other series and films. Since 2016 he has been represented in the series “Zürich-Krimi” as gnarly lawyer Thomas Borchert.

Where has Kohlund been all these years?

He starred in the German-German tragic comedy Once Ku’damm and BackPeter Gross from the Swiss embassy and portrayed the cook who fell in love with the GDR resident and wanted to smuggle her to West Berlin in 1983.

In addition to thrillers and television films, Kohlund was also often seen in entertainment programs, for example as Professor Vollmers in the ZDF program “Die Schwarzwaldklinik”. In 1987, he portrayed a businessman with an alarming illness in the six-part mystery series The Island. These roles made him famous.

In the years that followed, he worked as an actor in a wide variety of television projects, from comedies like Happy Chaos to feature film series like Klinik unter Palmen. His acting achievements include films such as “At Any Price” and “Tenerife – Day of Revenge”. While starring in films such as Race to Bombay (1981), Deadly Money (1995), Confusion of the Heart (1997), The Girl From Away (1999) and Julius Caesar (2002), he also worked on television projects such as those mentioned above also.

As a television, film and miniseries director, Kohlund has worked on several projects including Anna Maria: A Woman Goes Her Way, Under White Sails and the film adaptations of Rosamunde Pilcher. Derrick and Ein Fall für Zwei are two of the many German crime series in which he has appeared as a guest star. Since 2016 he has been playing the lawyer Thomas Borchert in the ARD crime series Der Zürich-Krimi.

Christine Buchegger and Sylvana Henriques were Kohlund’s first and second wives, respectively. In 1982 he married for the third time Elke Best, a former pop singer, and the couple have two daughters.

Once upon a time there were only a few roles: is lawyer Thomas Borchert the role Christian Kohlund has been looking for throughout his acting career?

Christian Kohlund Net Worth

Everything in his life was idyllic: whether in a “dream hotel” or on an island, in his favorite clinic or on a “dream ship”, the list of idyllic places could be continued endlessly. Actor Christian Kohlund has always been known for his light weight.

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Through his participation in the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna and his stage appearances at the Munich Residenz Theater, the Theater in der Josefstadt and the Freie Volksbühne to the Schauspielhaus Zurich. As the easiest genre to see on TV in years, maybe he got bogged down in it, knowing that no one gets out of a box easily after they’ve been put in one. It was a gift to him and the loyal, grateful viewers of up to seven million that the shallow had gone out of style in the last five years. Christian Kohlund has never played a character better than Thomas Borchert.