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Christiano Ronaldo net worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

Estimated value:
$450 million
Annual income:
$110 million
Net salary at Juventus:
$34 million
Bourgeois name:
Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
Date of birth:
February 05, 1985 (34 years old)
Place of birth:
Funchal, Portugal
Marital status:
dating Georgina Rodriguez (since 2016)
Entrepreneur, footballer, investor, influencer
Height / Weight:
186cm / 85kg

Christiano Ronaldo Net Worth, Income & Profile (2020)

How much money does Christiano Ronaldo have?

In 2020, the estimated is Christiano Ronaldo net worth around $450 million (equivalent to 410 million dollars). The soccer star earns a base salary of $64 million every year. Off the field, he earns an additional $40 million through sponsorship deals.

Between June 2017 and June 2018, Cristiano is said to have earned around $108 million, including $61 million in salary and $47 million in sponsorship money. Between June 2018 and June 2019, he earned over $110 million.

All sources of income in detail

1. Income from his soccer career

That $450 million didn’t just come out of nowhere and it all started in the field he’s dominated for years – football. Born and raised in Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro started playing football at a young age and became part of the Portugal national team. However, his career breakthrough came when he joined Manchester United and became the team’s first Portuguese player. His first contract with Manchester United was announced at £12.25m ($15.6m). He signed another five-year contract with the team for a total of $31 million.

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After extending his contract with Manchester United, Ronaldo left the team and signed a $150 million deal with Real Madrid in 2009. Playing for Real Madrid not only boosted his earnings to the hundred million dollar mark, but also his career as he set and broke records and received numerous awards, putting his name in the ranks of valuable players in the world of football of international football.

In July 2018, Ronaldo said goodbye to Real Madrid and joined Italian club Juventus, where he was handed a four-year deal worth $138 million – a pay cut compared to what he was getting before he left Real Madrid. Yet his 2019 earnings still stand at $109 million, according to Forbes, making him the second-highest-paid athlete of the year behind fellow athlete Lionel Messi.

2. Income from advertising contracts

Ronaldo’s rise to fame has come with an increase in the value of his name. Since his career breakthrough at Real Madrid he has become the face of various products and companies from different industries including sportswear, telecoms, oil, airlines, steel, pharmaceuticals and even gaming and websites to name a few. As of June 2019, Ronaldo had earned a total of $44 million in sponsorship money, which accounts for more than 40% of his total earnings that year alone.

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2.1 Long-term advertising contract with Nike

According to numerous sources, Ronaldo has signed 31 sponsorship deals, making him one of the highest paid athletes in the world. His first sponsorship deals included working with Nike from 2003 to 2007, during which he received $5.09 million annually. The contract was renewed in 2010, and Ronaldo was paid an annual salary of $8.05 million. Later, in 2014, the earnings from the Nike deal grew to a staggering $23.7 million.

Ronaldo’s partnership with Nike continues with annual sales of $30 million in 2016. In the same year he succeeded with the brand one lifetime contract for $1 billion to obtain. Nike has two other athletes for life, namely Michael Jordan and LeBron James. This makes Ronaldo the third athlete to receive this exclusive contract.

2.2 Other Promotional Deals

In 2009, Ronaldo secured a two-year contract with global oil and petroleum giant Castrol for $4.5 million annually. In the same year he became the face of the fashion brand “Emporio Armani” for 1.6 million dollars until 2013. In 2014, Ronaldo started esports TAG Heuer for $1 million a year. In 2016, the telecommunications group “ZTE” signed a one-year agreement with him for 4.47 million dollars.

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Not all of his signed sponsorship deals are worth millions. For example, he has a three-year contract with KFC, from which he earned $750,000 annually. Add to that his pharmaceutical company Abbot Laboratories, PokerStars, and brokerage and consulting firms, each bringing him half a million dollars. Of course, we mustn’t forget to mention those deals whose figures have not yet been published or officially confirmed, such as with Samsung, Egyptian Steel, Emirates Airlines, and Toyota, among others.

3. Income from social media

Ronaldo’s official Instagram profile currently has more than 201 million followers, he has 82 million followers on Twitter and more than 120 million on Facebook. With those numbers, Ronaldo has the cult-following social media influencers they dream of. According to Hopper HQ, an Instagram planner and scheduler, Ronaldo ranks #1 athlete on their “Instagram Rich List of 2018,” earning $750,000 for every brand-sponsored post he makes. Soccer buddies Neymar da Silva Santos, Jr., Messi and David Beckham are in second, third and fourth place respectively. Ronaldo is third overall after Kylie Jenner, who will receive $1 million, and Selena Gomez, who will receive $800,000.

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