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Christine Neubauer assets: Christine Neubauer’s fight for divorce will continue in the new year. And of course, her divorce from Lambert Dinzinger could spell her financial devastation. According to the actress, her retirement savings had already been used up.

Even after a three-year divorce conflict, actress Christine Neubauer (52, Hanna’s decision) and ex-husband Lambert Dinzinger (58) see no end. Neubauer has appealed against the judgment of the Munich family court. Stumbling block is Neubauer’s maintenance obligation for her ex-husband. According to a court decision, Dinzinger is entitled to 2,500 dollars per month.

Christine Neubauer Net Worth
Christine Neubauer Net Worth

Dinzinger told the Bild newspaper: “Now you can see who wants peace and who doesn’t.” I would have accepted any court decision.” Christine Neubauer later stated: “If you really want peace, don’t complain.” And he just served me a new lawsuit.” After the verdict, she said unequivocally that she did not have the financial means to pay this amount of maintenance at the time.

Wait a moment. The woman, who raced up and down the stairs on television for years and during the public quota regulation, cannot pay her ex-husband a monthly maintenance contribution of 2,500 dollars? “Right now I am without a permanent job and source of money.” The Bild newspaper quotes the 52-year-old. Her retirement plan is already in place, which is said to have poisoned her. Only: When does an actor earn a constant salary if he is not starring in a series or television series?

Christine Neubauer is a German actress, novelist and radio play actress. She made her acting debut in 1987 alongside Jörg Hube in the ARD television series Löwengrube as Traudl Grandauer. She gained further fame through her appearances in various ARD Degeto projects and as Johanna Lohmann in the television series of the same name.

Neubauer gained his first acting experience in the early 1980s at the Munich Volkstheater, Theater der Jugend and Kleine Komödie.

Neubauer made her film debut in 1984 with the feature film Change of Scene, following her television debut as the mother of a missing baby in the series Der Androjäger (1984). After appearing in minor roles in later television films, she starred as an advertising saleswoman in 1985’s Strange Sailor, Watch Out!, a character she reprized in the 2000 television film Indian Summer.

Christine Neubauer Net Worth
Christine Neubauer Net Worth

In 1986, director Rainer Wolffhardt used Neubauer in the ARD television series Löwengrube, which gave her her first break as an actress. She was awarded the Adolf Grimme Prize in 1992 for her portrayal of Traudl Grandauer in this series. Neubauer has also appeared in recurring and ongoing roles on a variety of other television shows, including 25 episodes of Sat.1’s Ein Bayer auf Rügen from 1994 to 1997 and Monika Strobl on the Sat.1 family series Solange es die in 1996.

In 1998 and 2000 she was a guest at Franz Xaver Bogner’s Café Meineid, and from 2004 to 2012 she starred with Bogner in the ARD pre-evening series München 7 as Elfi Pollinger, the childhood friend of longtime Munich resident Xaver Bartl, who works at the Viktualienmarkt. Another collaboration with Bogner, the seven-part Moni’s Grill series, was released in 2016. The series continued in 2018 with Munich Grill.

From 2005 to 2013 she played the country doctor Johanna Lohmann in the ARD television series of the same name. In 2017 she was seen in the 79th episode of the ZDF dream ship Uruguay. In 2020 she appeared as Karola Nowak in the penultimate episode of Lindenstraße, Lindenstraße, Lindenstraße aus.

Additionally, Neubauer has appeared in numerous television projects, including the chef in Vollweib sucht Halbtagsmann (2002), a dual role in the television comedy A Two Wife (2004), and as a pastry chef in The Chocolate Queen (2005). In 2005 she also portrayed Geierwally in a film adaptation of the novel by Wilhelmine von Hiller. In 2008 she played the confectioner Klaudia Wehmeyer alongside Bernhard Schir in the German-Austrian Christmas film Der Nikolaus am Haus.

In 2010 she played the nun Pascalina Lehnert in the German-Italian production Pius XII. In the two-part ARD television film The Cold Sky (2011), Neubauer played the hop farmer Marie Moosbacher, whose son Felix is ​​diagnosed with autism. In 2012 she played alongside Edgar Selge in Friedemann Fromm’s drama Hanna’s Decision. This performance earned her the title of Golden Nymph. In the same year, Neubauer starred in the German-Austrian TV film Die Holzbaronin about Black Forest timber traders who fought against male dominance and economic difficulties at the beginning of the 20th century. In Josh Broecker’s 2013 feature film, she played Pastor Franziska Kemper, a modern-day pastor of a Lübeck church.

Christine Neubauer Net Worth
Christine Neubauer Net Worth