Claudia Obert Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €28 million
Age: 60
Born: 09/24/1961
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Claudia Obert is a fashion entrepreneur and shoe designer and lives in Hamburg. She has also appeared in several German reality TV formats. She describes herself as a self-made millionaire and is the managing director of the model label Lean Selling, which she founded. She is particularly noticeable because of her shrill, loud and extroverted nature.

early life

Claudia Obert was born on September 24, 1961 in the German city of Freiburg in Breisgau. She graduated from high school in her hometown in 1979. From a young age, Obert set her goals high and wanted to become a millionaire. However, the reality was different. She used to work as a secretary at Columbia Tristar Film in Munich. She didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but this job enabled her to have daily contact with Hollywood greats such as Catherine Zeta-Jones. She started dreaming of just such a lifestyle.

During a vacation in Italy, Claudia Obert seized her big chance. She met the designer Sandro Vicari by chance. She told him about her enthusiasm for shoes. He then invited Obert to his factory and she chose 80 pairs of shoes. When she got home, her boyfriend ridiculed her fanaticism about shoes and sarcastically advised her to start selling shoes. That was the starting signal for Claudia Obert’s business idea. However, since she had only bought all the shoes in her size 40, she ordered another 2000 pairs in different sizes, which she stored in her apartment and was able to sell in a very short time. After that, her success story took its course.


After starting Claudia Obert’s career in Italy, she learned that she always had to go straight to the source in order to save costs in the end. She skilfully bypasses the value chain, buys shoes and now also clothing in Italy and sells them directly to the end consumer. Her principle is not to spend a lot of money on packaging, marketing or branch rental. This is how she developed the concept for her fashion label Lean Selling, founded in 1990, which she called the “supermarket for luxury fashion”. Claudia Obert sells luxury fashion at a manageable price and her added status as a freelance entrepreneur has enabled her to make a Net Worth from it.

Career highlights

Over the years, Claudia Obert’s career curve has steadily increased. In addition to shoes, she now also sells clothing and luxurious furs. She now has branches in Hamburg and Berlin and an extensive customer base who appreciate the luxury items at affordable prices.

In 2010, Claudia Obert also conquered German television. First she was in the NDR program “DAS!” to see. In the meantime, she has long had a permanent place in the hearts of fans of trash TV. With her unquenchable thirst for expensive champagne, she became a very popular star with both “Celebrity Big Brother” (2017) and “Celebrity Shopping Queen” (2019). Another TV appearance that was discussed in the media due to a bullying scandal against Claudia Obert was her participation in the format “Celebrities under Palm Trees” (2020).

Famous quotes

  • “Having no money is not bad. Having no credit is a disaster.”
  • “Life needs to get champagne-y again!”
  • “When life hands you a lemon, ask for salt and tequila.”

tips for success

Claudia Obert’s tip for success for everyone who would also like to become a millionaire is very simple: “Never be satisfied with what you already have.” Her ambitious nature and her strong will made her early dream of becoming a self-made millionaire a reality. Even today, Claudia Obert is not satisfied. Her new goal is: “Self-made billionaire”.

Estimated value: €28 million