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Estimated value: €10 million
Age: 37
Born: 8/3/1984
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Kollegah, whose real name is Felix Martin Andreas Matthias Blume, is a German rapper and owner of the music label Alpha Music Empire. Musically, he is known for his sophisticated puns, punchlines and rhyming chains. His rap style can be assigned to gangsta rap, although he initially described his music as “pimp rap”. A distinctive stylistic element of Kollegah is the chubby and luxurious appearance of its image. With a certain irony, he embodies certain stereotypes like the boss of a criminal organization. In terms of content, his texts focus on provocative crossing of borders and breaking taboos.

early life

Kollegah was born on August 3, 1984 in Friedberg, Hesse. He was raised almost entirely by his mother alone and grew up in the Hunsrück, where he also attended the Herzog-Johann-Gymnasium. He was already artistically active in his school days and took part in various painting competitions. Through his Algerian stepfather, Kollegah fully converted to Islam at the age of 15. According to his statement, his current artist pseudonym can also be traced back to his stepfather. After school, Kollegah worked as a translator, but he gave up this job in 2003 because he wanted to focus on his rap career. From 2004 to 2005 Kollegah appeared on the online battle rap platform RBA where he fought various battles. There he was active under the pseudonyms “DERKOLLEGAH” and “Young Latino”. During this period he also released his first mixtape entitled “Pimp Tape Vol.1” and made it available online for free download.


After Kollegah published his mixtape on the Internet, he also emailed it to the manager of “Selfmade Records”. He got in touch a few weeks later and offered Kollegah a contract with his label. An X-Mas version of the first tape was released via the label, which contained six additional bonus tracks. In 2006 the successor to the mixtape “Pimp Tape Vol.2 – Boss der Bosse” was released, which was awarded the title “Mixtape of the Month” by Juice Magazine. Most of the beats on the tapes were produced by self-made producer Rizbo. A year after the release of the mixtape, Kollegah’s debut album “Alphagene” was released on the label “Selfmade Records”. The music video for the single “Guck auf die Goldkette” was able to take first place several times in the music show TRL on the music channel TRL. The album itself, however, only reached number 51 in the German album charts. Shortly thereafter, Kollegah released his second solo album, which bore the same title as his stage name. This was already number 17 in the charts. Kollegah’s fifth solo album “Bossaura” was able to position itself in 2011 at number 5 in the album charts. Various other successful releases followed before the rapper left his label “Selfmade Records” to found his own label. After forming Alpha Music Empire in 2016, the first person signed was rapper Seyed. A joint distribution deal with the label was negotiated with Warner Music Group. In 2018 Kollegah published his first book “DAS IST ALPHA!: Die 10 Boss-Gebote” via Munich-based Riva Verlag. The next release is the successor to his debut album “Alphagene”.

Career highlights

With a total of 400 million streams on the Spotify platform, Kollegah is the most streamed rapper in Germany. His most successful and best selling album was “King”. With a total of over 315,000 units sold, it received three gold medals in Germany and one platinum medal in Austria. In total, “King” stayed in the charts for 23 weeks. In 2014 Kollegah was nominated and awarded the 1Live Krone in the category “Best Hip-Hop Act”.

Famous quotes

“The physical being, Satan, stole their souls
Alpha means to be the elementary puzzle for the life of the dream
The circle is closed, shot at enemies
We’re just pushing ourselves, no more time for gossip”

“In the violin case, a shotgun instead of a violin
Junkie rappers hit head over heels like a guillotine
I’m doggedly chasing her in the limousine
Shoot and your suburban street settlement looks like an Eastern bloc war ruin”

Amazing Facts

At the age of 15, Kollegah discovered that there were counterfeit branded clothes on Czech markets. He regularly drove the bus across the border to buy the clothes there and then auction them off on online auction platforms for a lot of money. According to his own statement, he made a very good turnover with the sale of counterfeit clothing and cheap jewelry.

Estimated value: €10 million