Role of Women in Media and Communications highlighted at a seminar
One day International Seminar on “Communication for Development” was organized by Bahria University Islamabad and UNIC in Islamabad

Role of Women in Media and Communications highlighted at a seminar

ISLAMABAD – A seminar highlighting the crucial role women play in the media including their accomplishments and the unique set of challenges they face, was held in Islamabad.

The one-day international seminar on communications for development with a focus on women in media, photojournalism and documentary making, was organized by the United Nation Information Centre (UNIC) and Bahria University to commemorate the United Nations 70th anniversary.

Speakers at the seminar included well renowned local and foreign experts and media personalities, such as Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Ziauddin Ahmed, Fasi Zaka, Katharine Houreld, Sara Farid, Diane Desobeau and Julian Phelan. Mr. Tanveer Faiz, Rector Bahria University and H.E. Rodolfo Martin Saravia, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps attended the event and made opening remarks.  The students and faculty were thrilled to have such some of the best media and communications experts gathered on one platform to share their thoughts and experience and offer guidance to the 400 plus audience.

Communication is vital for sharing information on human development with wider audiences. Reporters, documentary-makers, photo-journalists and media houses play a crucialrole in communications for development in light of their access to large audiences.

The seminar offered an opportunity for discussing the challenges and the opportunities of media representatives reporting on developmen tissues. It also highlighted the crucial role women play in the media business including their accomplishments and the unique set of challenges they face.

The panel discussion organized at Bahria University focused on sharing best practices in the field of media and development, identifying synergies and opportunities for collaboration between media representative and the UN System and providing mass communications students with inspirational guidance for their professional growth.

Minister for Trade & Commerce ,Eng. Khuraam Dastgir Khan graced the occasion as a Chief Guest. He said the seminar offered a good opportunity for highlighting the role of the various stakeholders involved in the development and humanitarian work in Pakistan, including the Government of Pakistan, the Member States, the donor agencies and the civil society.

“The overall aim of this event is to strengthen mutual collaboration and support between the development world and the media for the benefit of our beneficiaries, the people of Pakistan” Mr. Vittorio Cammarota, Director, United Nations Information Centre said.

When asked if it is more challenging being a documentary film-maker in Pakistan, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy commented, “My greatest asset as a Pakistani is being a woman and I think Pakistan’s greatest assets are its women: if you look around the world, we are the ones climbing the highest mountains and winning the Oscar award”.

Mr. Ziauddin Ahmed spoke about how media industry is Pakistan has come a long way ,“it was roundabout at the turn of the century that things started opening up for the media industry and private sector was invited to set up television channels”.

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