Complete lockdown possible as corona positivity, death rates spike

Complete lockdown possible as corona positivity, death rates spike

The current mortality rate has crossed 2% while the positivity rate is over 10%

Pakistan’s government may lockdown the country after over 200 covid-related deaths in a day were reported for the first time. A total of 201 passed away on April 27th. The same day, about 5,300 new positive coronavirus cases were registered. The corona positivity rate reached 10.2%, while the mortality rate crossed 2% as well.

Restrictions getting strict

The government has pretty strict business rules in place already such as early closures of markets, the shutdown of non-essential retail businesses, and strict restrictions for the transportation industry. The restrictions may be further strengthened and may result in a complete lockdown. Despite extreme economic blowbacks, the government may opt for the option for the greater good.

Follow SOPs

The masses must adhere to the SOPs to reduce the spread of the virus. People must wear face masks, use sanitizers, and maintain social distancing. Avoiding unnecessary crowds is also an important part of your anti-corona regime.

Need for vaccination

The government of Pakistan is actively seeking vaccines from different sources and has ordered several million doses. These may not be enough to cater to everyone right away. Approximately, 2 million doses have been administered to the frontline healthcare workers and senior citizens. The government has now started vaccinating anyone over the age of 50 in the major urban center and soon the process will begin for people over 40 as well.

Overpriced privately imported vaccines are also available in limited supply. However, their numbers are insufficient to make a dent in the growing coronavirus cases. Many people are also avoiding them because of the high price compared to the international markets.  

Pakistan expects to receive more vaccines through COVAX towards the end of the year. These vaccines will be acquired at subsidized rates by the government. One hopes that the vaccine-making companies can boost their production capacities and get enough vaccines for people around the globe.

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