ConCrafter Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 26
Born: 02/21/1996
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: YouTuber
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Concrafter Luca is a German YouTuber whose real name is Luca Tilo Scharpenberg and lives in Cologne. His native town is Bielefeld.

He scrutinizes games with video clips (so-called “Let’s Plays”) and comments on them very funny, he also produces other comedy clips and v-logs. He owns an online shop with Luca merchandising articles, has had three Luca pizzas marketed in cooperation with Gustavo Gusto, has already published two books and is present on the most important social media platforms.

Despite his success, he consistently and successfully completed his high school diploma and a degree in business administration.

early life

Luca Tilo Scharpenberg was born on February 21, 1996 in Bielefeld. He grew up there with a younger sister and his parents in good circumstances and attended high school after elementary school.

In addition to his enthusiasm for football, his great passion for media and video games – such as Pokémon – as well as for photography and cameras became apparent early on.

In 2013, Luca and two other students from the Einstein-Gymnasium in Rheda-Wiedenbrück won the 43rd international youth competition “Discover the diversity: Designing nature!” with the short film “Environmental Police”. 2nd place and a municipal award.

That year he also won first place in the overall portfolio rating in a district savings bank game in the stock market simulation game, which attested to his early skill in dealing with money.

After graduating from high school, Luca Tilo Scharpenberg decided to start studying business administration in Cologne, which he successfully completed. He has retained his residence in Cologne to this day.


Luca created his first clips, which were still of poor quality, when he was 12 years old. This new hobby grew more and more and in spring 2011 Lucas YouTube career started with Lets-Plays about the game Minecraft under the name ConquerorLP.

Luca quickly created a new channel on August 1, 2011 called ConCrafter (“Con” is the first part of the name of his previous channel, “Crafter” because of the game Minecraft) to be able to present more clip options. He quickly renamed the channel ConCrafter to ConCrafter Luca.

In 2015, Minecraft, which had been his favorite game to date, gradually took a back seat on his YouTube channel and other game presentations followed, including those of many indie games.

From the middle of 2016, Luca hardly focused on the gaming world anymore, instead video blogs (called vlogs), challenges and comedy clips were created.

In April 2018, the channel ranked 14th among the most subscribed YouTube channels with over 3.1 million subscribers.
Since May 2019, Luca Tilo Scharpenberg’s main channel has only been called LUCA, and there are also the channels LUCA 2, LUCREW and LUCA STORIES.

Career highlights

Shortly after Lucas graduated from high school and moved to Cologne, Concrafter reached 1,000,000 subscribers with a clip called “This website knows everything” and received a trophy from YouTube.

Due to his great popularity on YouTube and many requests from subscribers and viewers, Luca Tilo Scharpenberg published two books:

– On September 24, 2015 the book “ConCrafter – New Minecraft-Facts and Commands” was published with a print run of 45,000 copies and was sold out within two days.
– In December 2017, the fan book “Hello, my name is Luca” was published, which was written half by his mother and half by Concrafter himself and tells of Luca’s childhood and youth.

Scharpenberg sells various merchandising items with its typical smiley logo via the Holymesh company. Like his YouTube videos, his shop there – – achieves a high number of clicks and sales.

In 2016, Luca Tilo Scharpenberg was offered a voice acting role in the movie “Angry Birds” due to his increasing popularity, which he accepted. He voiced the toucan-beaked green bird “Hal” in the film, translated by Anthony Padilla.

In cooperation with Gustavo Gusto, Concrafter has also marketed three different pizzas that show the Luca logo on the packaging and are creatively designed in the Luca style.

Famous quotes

– “Hello my name is Luca!”
– “This is the earth, it must be cool because I’m on it.”
– “Looks smart, but it isn’t!”
– “I’m safe’n’genie in me!”
– “We are living right now…”
– “Life without Nutella is like life without life: Impossible!”

tips for success

In an early interview, Luca reported that he puts his heart and soul into producing his YouTube clips. On the one hand because of the quality of his contributions, on the other hand he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans either.

Amazing Facts

He decided to study business administration in order to have a basic knowledge of economics, since YouTube alone would not lead to success.

For Luca, professional equipment is part of it: cameras, microphones, soft boxes, good software and lots of cables.

Concrafter has always made it a priority to be visible and authentic to its fans. One of his secrets of success is that his reactions are visible in the clip as a thumbnail and he engages in candid, unforeseen actions.

Estimated value: €2 million