Contra K Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €5 million
Age: 34
Born: 07/03/1987
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Kontra K is a Berlin born and raised rapper. His real name is Maximilian Diehn. At the beginning of his career, he sold himself off the streets with a tough image and rough rap. He’s now adopting more moderate tones. In addition to his successful Germany tours, the rapper earns good money with his YouTube channel and the usual streaming providers. He is a father of two and a family man. Kontra K is very fond of animals and is committed to animal welfare.

early life

Kontra K grew up under difficult conditions in Berlin. He left school at the age of 16 and devoted himself entirely to rap music. He wanted to emulate his American role models 2Pac, Nas, Notrious BIG and Naughty by Nature. He also started kickboxing at this age. Sports and music were to play a major role in his further life. Kontra K also started his third passion, tattoos, at an early age. Numerous pictures decorate his skin and partly tell of his life.


In 2006 his career began to develop. Together with the rapper KiezSpecial he founded the rap duo Vollkontakt. The rap duo caught the attention of rapper and producer Kaisa (formerly: Kaisaschntt), who signed the two to his label, Hell Raisa. This collaboration resulted in the Fight Club Mixtape Vol. 1. After a short period of collaboration, however, the label broke up.

Kontra K, who had met other rappers there, such as Fatal and Skinny Al, did not remain idle, but quickly founded his own label with his colleagues. The label DePeKa Records. They were able to win Distributionz as a sales partner. Here Kontra K also got to know the producer Big Flexx, with whom he still works successfully today.

In 2010 Kontra K released his debut album “Dobermann”. Two years later, a dupstep mixtape called Electrosmog was released. In the same year his second album “Was die Zeit Brings” was released, which was one of Distributionz’s best-selling albums and was instrumental in Distributionz becoming Label of the Month on Amazon in April.

The following year, the EP “Auf Teufel komm raus” and Kontra K’s third album “12 Runden” were released. This reached number 8 in the German album charts.

Kontra k became more and more successful and well-known labels began to take an interest in him. In May 2014 he agreed with the label “Four Music” and signed a contract. How fruitful this collaboration was could already be seen with the first release of the EP “Wölfe”. The album “Aus dem Schatten ins Licht”, released in February 2015, did not disappoint either. His fourth album entered the German charts at number 2.

Kontra K continued to produce diligently with the result of his fifth solo album “Labyrinth” in 2016. For this he was able to win, among others, rappers like RAF Camora and Bonez, as well as the band Haudegen for a cooperation. The interactive video that was produced for “By Your Side” contributed significantly to the success of the album. On May 27, 2016, the album entered the German charts at number 1. Kontra K’s greatest success to date.

Inspired by the success, another album was released the following year. His sixth solo album “Gute Nacht” will be released in April 2017. He had previously ended his collaboration with the Four Music label. Kontra K commented on this decision that it was an amicable separation. The sixth album will be released on the BMG label.

In 2018 the number 1 album “Erde und Knochen” followed. In the following year 2019, Kontra K released another solo album. Also “They wanted water, but get petrol” was able to establish itself in first place on the charts.

Career highlights

Kontra K has managed to work its way up from nothing. His shows are extremely popular. In 2018 he was able to reach 70,000 spectators with just seven concerts. A tremendous achievement.

Kontra K was able to place his albums “Labyrinth”, “Gute Nacht”, “Erde & Knochen” and “Sie wanted Wasser, but get Gasoline” at number 1 in the German album charts. Three of those albums achieved gold status.

Its earnings from streaming platforms are also lucrative. Kontra K has 2.3 million listeners every month on Spotify alone. With its most popular tracks, such as “Last tears”, “Blei”, “Warning”, “Everything she wants” and “Colors”, Kontra K should have taken in a total of around 810,000 euros, according to the statistics published by Spotify.

His YouTube channel is also doing more than well. With a 55 percent share of sales through advertising, Kontra K earns an average of around 40,000 euros per month with around 11 million views.

Kontra K also sells its own fashion brand “Loyal Clothing”. So far, no profit from Loyal Distributions GmbH, where Kontra K is registered as managing director, has been filed with the Federal Gazette. However, since some clothes are always sold out and sales are going well overall, a five-digit profit can be expected.

Famous quotes

“It’s not about perfection, but about getting better
Not better than the rest, but better than yourself
Either you do it or you don’t do anything
Only results show what you are”

“Success is not luck, it is only the result of blood, sweat and tears, life always pays back”

Amazing Facts

Kontra K rescued a baby tiger, which he christened Elsa, and founded a wildlife sanctuary.

He has started to eat vegan.

According to his Instagram channel, Kontra K was able to sell 3000 concert tickets within an hour.

Estimated value: €5 million