COVID-19: Japan introduces cool face masks for summer

COVID-19: Japan introduces cool face masks for summer

Uniqlo, Mizuno, Yonex among names coming up with novel face mask ideas

A number of Japanese firms are coming up with face masks manufactured from cooler materials to beat the hot and humid weather. The face masks are a must when going out due to the novel coronavirus.

Japanese sportswear manufacturer Mizuno will start reselling its face mask made from swimwear material. The masks, which comes in 24 designs, went out of stock after overwhelming demand.

The company plans to sell 870,000 pieces, up from the initial total of 50,000, according to the company. The lottery will continue until June 29. Prices for the masks start at 935 yen ($8.72) for a regular design mask and 1,320 yen for the cooling types.

Yonex is also looking to sell masks of cool materials such as xylitol. The material absorbs heat and responds to the sweat. Masks made by Yonex will hit the market in July.   

“As people spend more time wearing masks against the coronavirus, we hope our technology will enable users to keep cool during hot weather, even if only a little bit,” a Yonex spokeswoman said.

Uniqlo’s AIRism face masksare also available for the masses to purchase. The masks are cool and quick drying. The materials is used by the company in its underwear garments.

Masks with icepacks have been introduced by Knit Waizu, a knitwear maker based in Yamanobe, Yamagata Prefecture. Their earlier version of the mask, which was sold through vending machines, did not offer the desired outcome. The reusable masks are for 1,300 yen each and can be kept in a freezer.  

“It’s a mask that has never been seen before,” said company’s executive Katsuyuki Goto. “Although it’s not perfect, I hope people will use it as a measure against the heat.”

Japan currently has had less than 18,000 positive coronavirus cases with 935 deaths.  

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