Dance Ban Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €100,000
Age: 25
Born: 02/08/1997
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Youtuber
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Dancing ban – actually you only know that from bars & clubs on Good Friday. But it is also the stage name of one of the biggest German YouTubers. In civil terms, however, “ban on dancing” means “Kilian Heinrich”. His content has little to do with his famous nickname – it consists of announcements to other Youtubers, recordings of his purchases or even vlogs in which he talks about all sorts of things without holding back. And the 23-year-old earns quite a bit of it – his videos now inspire millions.

early life

Kilian Heinrich was born on February 8th, 1997 and grew up in Berlin. Little is known about his life prior to his YouTube career; Tanzban does not have a school-leaving certificate or any other level of education, he broke off his school career in the eighth grade of the Realschule. The starting signal for his success on YouTube came at the end of 2015 with his first videos – Let’s Plays of video games such as Counterstrike or Minecraft.


After the initial Let’s Plays and amateur videos, Kilian Heinrich started his (at the time probably unintentional) successful concept in early 2016 – the “Ansage an” format. With exaggerated criticism and insults, he taunted everyone and everything, took on big and small Youtubers and didn’t mince his words. That didn’t go unnoticed – then as now, big Youtubers like “Commanderkrieger” or “Montanablack88” criticized him, the former even recorded his own diss track against Tanzverbot in spring 2016 – the answer to this was a diss track against Commanderkrieger on Tanzverbot’s own channel . With a 50/50 like/dislike ratio, the upload became one of the most clicked and controversial videos on Kilian Heinrich’s channel.

After Tanzban moved from his parents’ house to his own apartment in Oranienburg in 2017, his address was published in a very short time. The first consequences were ringing pranks, food orders to his address and phone calls. However, a very stressful bullying pattern quickly developed for Kilian, which even culminated in several fake police and fire brigade emergency calls to his address. In the meantime, the content of Tanzverbot’s channel had developed into live streams in addition to announcement videos – including almost daily arguments with “haters”, ringtones and wrong food orders. During this time, the hatred of the ban on dancing decreased – more and more felt with the Youtuber and opposed the permanent bullying. In this way, Tanzverbot built up its own fan base. The 23-year-old now earns between two and ten thousand euros a month with his videos.

After the apartment in Oranienburg was terminated by the landlord due to the circumstances, Tanzban moved to Brandenburg at the end of 2017. Here he covered all the windows to avoid a possible second case like in Oranienburg and to keep his new address anonymous. His announcement formats became increasingly rare, his content sometimes more and more bizarre. Videos in which he shows his purchases alternate with formats in which he freely talks about whatever comes to mind. In several videos, Tanzban speaks of his will to “change something in his life” – in Kilian’s videos his severe overweight and extremely unstructured way of life were repeatedly discussed.

This project culminated at the end of 2019 with an invitation from YouTube colleague Simon “unplayed” Unge. He invited Tanzbane to visit him on the island of Madeira for a few months and introduce a sports and nutrition program there to change his lifestyle. Kilian accepted this offer, which generated enormous hype in the YouTube scene. The positive change in Tanzverbot was received and followed very positively by his fans. Currently (as of May 2020) the Youtuber is stuck on the Portuguese island due to the “COVID-19” pandemic and the travel restrictions.

Career highlights

In December 2017 he released the music video “Zahnlückenjohnny”, in which he self-deprecatingly shows his human side. The video has been viewed over 4.2 million times to date and is his most successful video to date (as of May 2020).

All videos on the subject of “food” are very popular on Kilian Heinrich’s channel. So does the video “What I eat in ONE day!” from early 2017 – this one got almost 2 million views and even motivated co-youtuber “Kelly MrsVlog” to create a standalone video in which she tried to eat like no dance for a day.

During his stay in Madeira there was a big argument with the Youtuber “Abdel”. The confrontation generated huge hype and split the fans into two camps. After the dispute was more or less interpreted in favor of a ban on dancing, its popularity in the German-speaking YouTube area continued to increase.

Famous quotes

  • “Yo guys, double peace and here it’s forbidden to dance again”
  • “Every Day Every Night”
  • “I’m the money maker, like a fucking money maker”

Amazing Facts

On August 3, 2016, Tanzban temporarily removed his entire videos from his channel. He then uploaded a single video of himself briefly looking at the camera and waving. A short time later, all videos were available again.

Tanzban the most successful video after “Zahnlückenjohnny” is a music video in which he raps in no specific language, but just strings together incomprehensible words.

At the beginning of 2019, Tanzverbot bought 22 packs of “Choco Fresh”. This he ate within 9 days.

Tanzban has a McDonalds gold card

Estimated value: €100,000