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Davina Geiss Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Davina Geiss net worth: 140 million

Robert Geiss is a German businessman and television personality best known for his show The Geissens – A Terrible Glamorous Family in which he and his family live a glamorous lifestyle. Carmen Geiss is his wife.

Davina Geiss Net Worth
Davina Geiss Net Worth

After ten years of partying and living in the jet set, Geiss began buying, renovating and reselling luxury properties. In 2004 his brother Uncle Sam bought back and took over the management.

Geiss, who was friends with bankers in Monaco, also traded on the stock exchange.

Formalized Paraphrase His first daughter, Davina Shakira, was born on May 30, 2003, and his second daughter, Shania Tyra Maria, was born on July 30, 2004.

Davina Geiss net worth: $1 million

Do the Geissens really have that much money?

This is initially due to the collaboration with his wife Carmen as the main actor in the popular television series “Die Geissens”, in which the millionaire family is shown throughout the German-speaking world. According to current estimates, Robert Geiss’ Net Worth is around 30 million dollars.

Mostly he buys real estate and renovates it. An elegant new interior will be added to the residences and villas before the sale. Take, for example, the holiday home of Carmen and Robert Geiss in Kitzbühel, where they spent their summers.

The luxury chalet in Austria offers 650 square meters of living space and comprises eleven rooms. When the Geissens sold their Kitzbühel chalet, the new owner paid a whopping 4.5 million dollars for the property.

According to Vermögens Magazin, his net worth is estimated at around 22 million dollars (as of January 2021). The actual Net Worth may differ from the estimated amount by several million dollars.

Davina Geiss Net Worth
Davina Geiss Net Worth

Robert Geiss tries to keep the money together despite the accumulated millions. Luckily, he doesn’t take it lightly when it comes to his daughter’s high-priced barber bills.

After the storm disaster in Germany, Robert Geiss revives the enthusiasm of his fans in July 2021 with a chic video.

Accordingly, Robert Geiss should have a net worth of 22 million dollars. Most of his wealth came from selling shares in Uncle Sam, a company he founded and invested in himself. Uncle Sam Sports, a sporting goods company founded in 1995, manufactures a variety of products.

How much money does Robert Geiss have?

The clothing line “Roberto Geissini”, as well as numerous appearances on TV shows, contribute to the overall wealth of the company. As a result, Robert Geiss should have a net worth of around 22 million dollars.

Roberto Geissini is a fashion brand he founded in early 2013 to mark his comeback in the fashion industry. With the acquisition, renovation and resale of high-quality real estate and the operation of a hotel in Saint Tropez that has existed since 2015, Robert Geiss has added new sources of income to his portfolio.

This enabled him and his wife to benefit from the sale of an autobiography written with the help of ghostwriter Andreas Hock and published in 2013.

Davina Geiss Net Worth
Davina Geiss Net Worth

Robert Geiss was able to diversify his sources of income through the restoration and sale of high-quality properties and the operation of a hotel near Saint Tropez that has been in operation since 2015.

From a fashionable home in Monaco to a glitzy luxury boat, Robert Geiss and his wife Carmen and their two teenage daughters, Davina Shakira and Shania Tyra have everything most people only dream of.

After realizing that four luxury properties was just too much, Robert Geiss decided to convert his home in Grimaud on the French Riviera into the luxury hotel “Maison Prestige Roberto Geissini”, which opened its doors in 2015. Has the globe really cost in money?

How much do Shania and Davina Geiss earn?

In an interview with Bunte, Shania reveals that she and her sister Davina earn 200 dollars every day of shooting for the successful documentary “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family”.

The Geiss family’s “jet set” lifestyle, which includes real estate, private planes and luxury boats, is regularly shown on television and inspires millions of people. She became known as a child through the reality TV show “Die Geissens – Eine absolutely glamorous family” broadcast in Germany.

The millionaire’s daughter has already started her own modeling career, which she started several years ago. However, she can still be seen on RTL2, where the 20th season of “Die Geissens” is currently running.

The luxurious lifestyle of the Geiss family takes them to exotic locations such as St. Tropez, Miami, Monaco and other exotic places. In RTLzwei’s “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family” viewers have been following the extravagant lifestyle of a rich German family for several years. The daughters of Robert and Carmen Geiss were there from the start.

When she announced a competition on her Instagram account, she seemed like a completely different person. “Promipool” interviewed her in 2019 and she revealed that career could be something for Davina in the future: “I’m now working on completing my bachelor’s degree,” says the author. “But I can imagine working as an influencer and blogger in the future.”

Davina Geiss Net Worth
Davina Geiss Net Worth