Death toll from Somalia twin truck bombing rises to 300 people

Death toll from Somalia twin truck bombing rises to 300 people

Somalia’s President has called for three days mourning after deadliest bombing in Mogadishu

The death toll of Somalia truck bombing rises to 300 people, where as more than 300 citizens are injured deadliest attack in Somalia’s history.

According to the director of an ambulance service in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu says the death toll from Saturday’s truck bombing is now over 300.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as Farmajo, called for three days of mourning and have joined thousands of people who responded to a desperate plea by hospitals to donate blood for the wounded victims.

Last Saturday, a massive truck bomb that exploded through a busy shopping district of Mogadishu outside the Safari Hotel, Mogadishu going to be the “deadliest attack ever” in Somalia’s history.

Last night rescue workers with torch lights searched for any survivors trapped under the rubble of the Safari Hotel, which was largely destroyed.

The blast effected the Safari Hotel, Mogadishu is near to Somalia’s foreign ministry. The blast has blew off metal gates and blast walls erected outside the hotel.

“Somalia’s ministry of information has confirmed that 300 people were killed in the blast while 300 others wounded people were admitted at the different hospitals in Mogadishu”.

The country’s Information minister Abdirahman Omar said the blast was the largest the city had ever seen. “It’s a sad day, this how merciless and brutal they are, and we have to unite against them”.

According to the sources Somali security forces and others gather and search for bodies near destroyed buildings at the scene of Saturday’s blast.

Turkey’s state-run news agency says the country’s health minister has arrived in Somalia to coordinate the evacuation of some of the wounded in the truck bombing in Mogadishu, more than 70 critically injured people were being airlifted to Turkey for treatment.

The Somali government blames the al-Shabab extremist group, which vowed to step up attacks after the U.S. and Somalia’s new president announced new military action against it earlier this year.

However, Al-Shabab group has not still responded to the government allegations.

According the media reports hundreds of local residents in Mogadishu has marched to protest against the brutally killings of militant groups.

All over the world condemn the attack including United States and Britain and extend our‎ deepest condolences to all Somalis, especially those who lost friends and family in the attacks.

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