‘Dennis Does Pakistan’ to show the world how much Pakistan loves cricket

‘Dennis Does Pakistan’ to show the world how much Pakistan loves cricket

Dennis Does Pakistan aims to show the resilience of Pakistani people amidst all negatives perception

Dennis Does Pakistan (DDP) took an admirable step that aims to show the resilience of Pakistani people amidst all negatives and also aims to be a stepping-stone towards bringing international cricket back to Pakistan by neutralizing the negative sentiment.

Dennis Freedman is a very entertaining and audacious Aussie journalist hosting his Cricket show with name “Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw”.

Dennis is very popular among cricket fans on Twitter and known for his hilarious tweets on everything cricket and also runs a cricket website on which he posts alternative views on the game.

Meanwhile, Dennis Freedman on a mission to Pakistan to create a documentary in collaboration with Cricingif, exploring the innate relationship Pakistanis have with cricket and put to rest some of the misconceptions the world has about Pakistan.

The Dennis Does Pakistan program comprises of around 5 major cities of country including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan and Sialkot.

Dennis Freedman aka Dennis Does Cricket Dennis is a huge admirer of Pakistan cricket and had travelled to Pakistan for the World XI tour, which, in a way, announces the return of cricket in Pakistan.

Earlier Dennis also ran an online campaign in which he invited fans from Pakistan and other parts of the world to sponsor his Pakistan tour. And, to his credit, he got amazing response as Pakistan cricket fans came out in numbers and made contributions.

Dennis and Cricingif have been working together for many months on their successful weekly “You’ve Got Bail” show on social media.  He has enjoyed the local culture and street cricket. On his experience in exploring Pakistan till now he said,

“It has been almost 10 years since international cricket was last played on Pakistani soil. Yes, I’m aware that Zimbabwe popped over in 2015, but that doesn’t really count. The big boys just won’t come here to play. India won’t because of politics. The rest of the world won’t due to security fears.
But despite this, Pakistan, in the last 12 months, rose to number 1 in the Test rankings and won the ICC Champions Trophy”.

“During this time of my trip, cricingif is recording it in a feature length documentary. I spoke with players, administrators and most importantly the fans. I’m doing this as I want others that share this passion to feel directly connected to this project & to know that we all need to unite in bringing international cricket back to Pakistan,” Dennis added.

This initiative shows the passion of cricket that how even after a decade’s absence of International cricket, Pakistan reached Number 1 spot in Test cricket and won the ICC Champions Trophy earlier this year in the UK.


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