Detlef Steve’s net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1.5 million
Age: 53
Born: 01/23/1969
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Detlef Steves regularly inspires the audience and the crew of his station with uncensored, honest, humorous sayings and his charismatic temperament. The reality TV participant and cooking expert started doing it in 2009 – and hopefully won’t stop any time soon.

early life

Detlef Steves was born in Moers at the beginning of 1969. He finished school with a high school diploma and then began training as a locksmith. In this profession he worked for six years at a colliery. In 1988 Steves married his current wife Nicole. The two have two dogs, but no children together.

After working as a locksmith, Steves initially had various jobs: he worked as a bouncer, but also in the goods receiving department of a clothing store and as a delivery driver. From 1999 to 2012 he worked in a French restaurant called “Ici Paris” and rose to the position of general manager. In 2012, he also opened his own nicknamed restaurant, Deffi’s.


Detlef Steves’ career on German television began in 2009 with the reality soap “Ab ins Beet!” of the broadcaster VOX. Two years later came Down to the Ruins!, a show about the attic conversion of Steves’ own home. Steves achieved particular popularity through his honest, direct humor and impulsive sayings, with which he still does not hold back today.

After participating in cooking shows like “Grill den Henssler!” In 2013 and 2014, Steves received his own program called “Detlef muss Reisen”, in which he travels around the world and solves tasks there. In 2013, a program was also filmed about his professional career. Two years later he took part in RTL’s “Let’s Dance” and started a web show that has since been discontinued.

Since 2016, Detlef Steves has been a permanent contributor to the show “Hot oder Schrott – Die Allestester”, where he tries out bizarre products together with his wife and numerous other participants. In 2017, the construction of a new home was documented in “Detlef builds a house”. The program “Detlef wird Rennfahrer” has been running since 2018, in which Steves tries his hand at car racing on the Nürburgring.

Career highlights

Even before his numerous television appearances, Detlef made Steve’s career. For thirteen years he worked in the baguetterie “Ici Paris” and with a big career leap he even became the manager of the French restaurant. Later he even opened his own restaurant in his home town of Moers, which is closed today.

Steve’s television breakthrough came through the broadcaster VOX, which broadcast the docu-soap “Ab ins Beet!” sent. Detlef Steves took part in this in 2009 and was extremely popular with the public and broadcasters. In the years that followed, he often presented himself in programs about cooking, such as “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” or “Grill den Henssler”. The latter even earned him a win over Steffen Henssler.

Detlef Steves received his first TV format in 2013 with “Detlef muss Reisen”. This program, which was also broadcast on VOX, took him on various journeys to places around the world, where he might even have to solve puzzles and tasks. He did all of this mostly without a lot of money or electronic devices, although he does not like to travel.

Steves has been very successful since 2016 with the regular show “Hot oder Schrott – Die Allestester”. Here he and his wife Nicole are sent various, sometimes bizarre or strange products, which they examine together to assess their usefulness.

Famous quotes

– “One of my mottos in life is: always think earlier about later.”
– “There are three letters that get you further in life: do!”
– “If I could find the plug for the internet, I would unplug it.”
– “All the freaking out is not part of the show.”

Amazing Facts

– Steves has already published two books. One of them is about fitness, nutrition and a healthier lifestyle.
– He is good with children, but just like his wife does not want his own: According to their own statements, both are satisfied with not having children.
– Although you can only see Detlef Steves with a bald head today, he had a lot of hair when he was younger.

Estimated value: €1.5 million