Dieter Bohlen Vermögen, Einkommen und Gage

Dieter Bohlen Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: 135
DSDS fee per season: 1.2 million dollars
Bourgeois name: Dieter Bohlen
Date of birth: February 07, 1954 (65 years old)
Residence Totensen, Germany
Place of birth: Funchal, Portugal
Marital status: married to Fatma Carina Walz
Profession: Musician, producer, judge
height 183 cm

Net worth, income & profile of Dieter Bohlen (2020)

Dieter Bohlenalso known as the “Pop Titan” or the bedrock of DSDS (Deutschland sucht den Superstar) is possibly one of the richest German musicians and producers. In the following article we will show you how rich Dieter Bohlen could be and will go into all the known information.

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How much money does Dieter Bohlen have?

Considering all the relevant sources, that will Net worth of Dieter Bohlen in 2020 to around 135 million dollars estimated. (Last update: )

His assets consist of the following parts:

  • (former) music earnings
  • “DSDS” fees from 16 seasons
  • “The super talent” fees
  • Share of DSDS winner songs
  • Income as a book author
  • Advertising contracts (Camp David, Coin Master)
  • Live Tour (scheduled for 2019)

He became known through the pop music duo “Modern Talking” with Thomas Anders. Together they achieved countless number 1 hits (e.g. “Brother Louie”) and sold millions of albums. The duo is still well-known today, especially in Russia. In addition, Bohlen is also active as a music producer – and with great success. Among other things, he has produced for artists such as Andrea Berg, who in turn has sold several million records. The estimated share that Bohlen earns is immense.

Dieter Bohlen’s assets and income in detail
Estimated value 135 million dollars
DSDS fee per season 1.2 million dollars
DSDS earnings total 20 million dollars
Super talent fee per season 1 million dollars
Estimated income 2019 5 million dollars
Estimated income 2020 500,000 dollars

He now gets a large part of his income from the high fees of the talent shows “DSDS” and “Das Supertalent”, as well as from various advertising contracts and other smaller sources of income.

In an interview with RTL Exclusive, Bohlen said that he was an advocate of passive investments. He also said that he respects every young person Savings plans with stocks or ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) would recommend for a long time to come. He named the “MSCI World” index fund as a clear investment recommendation. (Source:, retrieved on February 1st, 2020)

1. Income from “DSDS” – How high is his fee actually?

Dieter Bohlen is known to many in Germany as that “Face of DSDS”. Since the beginning of the talent show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (November 9, 2002) he has been a juror for every season and evaluates the participants with his entertainingly evil, but at the same time critical manner. If you look at the “Best of Dieter Bohlen Sprüche” video on Youtube, you quickly realize that Bohlen does not mince his words.

According to numerous sources, Dieter Bohlen should have one at DSDS fee from 1.2 million dollars per season receive. That equals one total earnings of around 20 million dollars within 17 years.

If you assume that a season usually consists of 21 episodes, the judge earns it 57,100 dollars per episode. Of course, several days of shooting are combined in the episodes and the real “working hours” are far higher. While his earnings are insanely high, it’s important to remember that Bohlen (and his hilarious way of rating the contestants) is what drives many to watch the show.

In view of his great wealth: If the fee weren’t so high, there would probably be no incentive for him to be a judge on DSDS and the ratings of RTL would certainly not be nearly as high without him.

DSDS Jury 2019 - Dieter Bohlen, Pietro Lombardi, Oana Nechiti and Xavier Naidoo
DSDS Jury 2019 and 2020 – with Dieter Bohlen, Pietro Lombardi, Oana Nechiti and Xavier Naidoo (from right to left)

Also interesting: All DSDS juries (2002 to 2019 and 2020)

It is also known that Dieter Bohlen occasionally composes or produces the winning song of the DSDS finalists. Here, too, the pop titan earns money from the sales. There is no exact sources or statements from Bohlen itself, however, we appreciate that it is a Proportion between 10% and 30% acts. Since the winning songs are usually very popular and are often streamed and bought, Dieter Bohlen certainly earns a lot from them.

The 17th season of DSDS is currently running on RTL, on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8:15 p.m. In addition to Dieter, like last year, Pietro Lombardi, Xavier Naidoo and Oana Nechiti are already on the jury.

2. Income from “Das Supertalent”

"The Super talent" - Dieter Bohlen on the jury
“The super talent” – Dieter Bohlen in the jury

In contrast to DSDS, little information is known about the fee for the German talent show “Das Supertalent”. To date are no official sources for the exact amount of the fee to find. We estimate that this has a value similar to that of DSDS – possibly a little less.

This gives planks another million a year for his place on the jury for “Das Supertalent” to his bank account. (gross revenue)

In May 2019 it became known that Bohlen was with the former DSDS finalist Sarah Lombardi, as well as being part of the Supertalent jury together with Bruce Danell. The show is currently on RTL.

3. Revenue from advertising deal with “Camp David”

Dieter Bohlen: Opening of the Camp David Shop, Oldenburg (2016)
Dieter Bohlen at the opening of the Camp David Shop in Oldenburg (2016)

There is a reason why Dieter Bohlen always wears branded clothes “Camp David” you can see. Bohlen has an advertising contract with the company and is official brand ambassador since 2010. Taking into account the reach of millions that he achieves on the two television shows “Das Supertalent” and “DSDS”, it can be assumed that Dieter Bohlen will receive hefty sums from the company. He also launched his own collection named “rowing club” on the market.

To date, there is no official information from Dieter Bohlen on the income from the “Camp David” contract. AssetCheck estimates the income that will add to his Net Worth several million dollars.

4. Former earnings with “Modern Talking”

If you add up the total of all album sales from the period 1985 to 2003, you get around 9,650,000 records sold. We speculate that this results in a Total turnover of around 100 million dollars results, half of which, i.e. 50 million dollars, goes to Dieter Bohlen. In addition, there are numerous other incomes from tours, television appearances and much more.

Modern Talking Discography 1985 to 2003
Modern Talking Discography 1985 to 2003

Only the two artists themselves know how much money Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders finally earned with the music duo “Modern Talking”. There is still room for speculation…

Which cars does Dieter Bohlen own?

The following vehicles were once in his possession:

  • Wiesmann GT MF4 (150,000 dollars)
  • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (185,000 dollars)
Dieter Bohlen Car (Mercedes SLS AMG))
Dieter Bohlen Car (Mercedes SLS AMG)

In 2009, Dieter Bohlen said that he had sold all of his luxury vehicles and from now on would only travel by train, moped, bicycle or on foot. It is not known how things currently look in relation to his vehicles.

Dieter Bohlen Net Worth in [year] Career & Relationship Profile Picture

Also interesting: His wife Carina Walz gave him a 150 hp motor boat for his birthday.

Dieter Bohlen’s house – this is where he lives!

Although it to house of planks There is very little information, we found a current photo that shows the pop titan in front of his home in Tötensen in Lower Saxony:

Dieter Bohlen House
The house of Dieter Bohlen – picture

Unfortunately, you don’t really see much because that Property fenced is to ward off prying eyes – understandable given its enormous range. After all, private life should remain private…

Villa by Dieter Bohlen
Villa by Dieter Bohlen (different view)

News: Dieter Bohlen corrects false reports about his assets

At the end of May 2019, the 65-year-old millionaire reported to his fans with a proper statement via his specially devised Instagram format “Dieters Tagesschau”. He talks about the fact that various dubious online magazines are piling up his Net Worth over 250 million dollars estimate. He denied these statements and pointed out that it was only about fake news (false reports) acts.

In this article you will learn how to specifically identify fake news.

Profile of Dieter Bohlen:

Date of birth February 07, 1954
Place of birth Oldenburg (DE)
Marital status married (Fatma Carina Walz)
children 6 (Amelie, Maurice, Marielin, Marvin, Marc, Maximilian)
Current Location Killingen (DE)
Bourgeois name Dieter Bohlen
nicknames Dieter, pop titan
height 1.83 m
weight 75kg

You can find more information about Dieter Bohlen here:

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