Dner (Felix von der Laden) Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1 million
Age: 27
Born: 06/25/1994
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: web producer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Felix von der Laden, also known to the public as Dner, is a web video producer and amateur racer based in Germany who is well known for publications such as Let’s Plays and Vlogs. Felix von der Laden’s main channel on YouTube currently has more than 3.2 million subscribers, which is why it is one of the top 30 most subscribed YouTube channels in Germany.

early life

Felix von der Laden has several siblings and grew up in Lübeck. He went to the Ernestinenschule in Lübeck and graduated from the Lauenburgische Gelehrtenschule in 2013. He then went to Cologne to study. In the same year, Felix von der Laden was involved in the planning and implementation of the Videodays event, which was one of the largest German YouTuber meetings. From September to December 2013, Felix von der Laden studied media management at the Rheinische Fachhochschule in Cologne. Then Felix von der Laden dropped out of college because he had to spend too much time running his YouTube channel. Parallel to building his own channel, Felix von der Laden began to actively engage in motor sports and was soon on the road as a racing driver.


Felix von der Laden launched his first YouTube channel on June 11, 2011, and uploaded his first video there on July 23, 2011. Felix von der Laden’s video contained a modification for the computer game Minecraft. The canal was originally called Dner and Felix von der Laden started using this name as his stage name. Felix von der Laden got the name from a computer game for which he called himself DönerDörk, but the game didn’t show the umlauts. At first, Felix von der Laden primarily offered classic Let’s Plays of games like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto IV or F1 on his channel. Felix von der Laden also published shorter videos and vlogs at regular intervals on his second channel, DnersWelt. This channel existed until 2015. From October 2012, Felix von der Laden then started the “DnersTag”, whereby it was a regular format, initially conceived as an information and FAQ video series, which was then used from 2013 was further developed as a vlog. Especially in the first few years, Felix von der Laden was able to reach a young audience with Let’s Plays for the open-world computer game Minecraft, then from 2014 Felix von der Laden’s focus gradually shifted towards vlogs. He also started with real video formats moderated by him. Felix von der Laden was nominated for the 2013 web video award in the Let’s Play category for the best-of video DnerStyle. The videos DnerStyle 4.0 and Ein Tag im Leben by Dner were also nominated in 2014 in the Let’s Play and VlP categories.

From 2014 Felix von der Laden lived, lived and worked in the so-called “YouTuber house”, which was an association of YouTubers who moved into an apartment building together. At the beginning of 2014, the self-employed made several trips together, filming and recording their experiences. The travel route went from California across Germany to Scandinavia. In addition, Felix von der Laden traveled through Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands with six other YouTubers, for which he also received a great deal of media attention. From 2016, Felix von der Laden did some restructuring on his channels. The Felix von der Laden channel shows vlogs and other personalized videos, the Dner channel features gaming videos and some English-language vlogs, and Felix von der Laden can be seen on the live streaming video portal Twitch at longer intervals.

Career highlights

Felix von der Laden has been appearing on various television shows since 2014, including the TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge, the TV Total Wok World Cup and Let’s Play Poker. In addition, Felix von der Laden regularly records advertising videos for Coca-Cola. Felix von der Laden first had a contract with Mediakraft Networks, but in 2015 he switched to TubeOne Networks and from 2016 to the artist agency 25MATE. 25MATE belongs to Felix von der Laden himself, she takes care of marketing and organizational matters, Felix von der Laden’s channels are also looked after by Studio71 with regard to copyrights. Since 2018, Felix von der Laden has also been managing his merchandising company SPIELKIND himself.

Amazing Facts

Thanks to his wide reach, Felix was asked by der Laden before the last federal election if he wanted to interview various politicians. He turned down the offer because he feared it would be exploited. Various of his statements about parties caused Felix von der Laden trouble at first, which Böhmermann used as an opportunity to gossip about him. He later distanced himself from these statements.

Estimated value: €1 million