Documentary Films promote cultural preservation in Pakistan

Documentary Films promote cultural preservation in Pakistan

American Embassy and Walkabout Films promote cultural preservation in Pakistan with 3 Documentaries on World Heritage Sites, namely Taxila Remains, Lahore Fort and Rohtas Fort Jhelum

ISLAMABAD – Three documentary films highlighting the archeological and cultural heritage of Pakistan were opened at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts to promote cultural preservation in Pakistan.

American Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale opened the documentary screening event  which was attended by Representatives from UNESCO and the Government of Punjab, and students from local universities and colleges.

Walkabout Films, with the support of the U.S. Ambassador’s Fund grant program, created mesmeric films that feature three UNESCO world heritage sites: Taxila Remains, Lahore Fort/Shalimar Gardens, and Rohtas Fort Jhelum in Punjab province.

“This legacy sheds light on Pakistan’s cultural richness and identity. I’m impressed by how Pakistan preserves its history. Many of us in the audience today are eager to preserve this history so that the generations to come may continue to study and cherish their heritage,” U.S. Ambassador Hale said in his address.

Walkabout Films CEO Mr. Nisar Malik recognized the support of the United States that made possible this important cultural record. “These sites represent our collective history and identity as a nation. We must learn about our history and teach our children about the diverse cultural background that makes us who we are.”

To promote cultural preservation in Pakistan, the Ambassador’s Fund provides financial support to projects focused on safeguarding languages and dialects, cuisine, aesthetics, architecture, and recreational activities like festivals, holidays and sports, and renovation of buildings declared as heritage sites.

Dharmarajika Stupa in Taxila is the earliest Buddhist monument in Pakistan

Dharmarajika Stupa in Taxila is the earliest Buddhist monument in Pakistan

Other Ambassador’s Fund grant projects aimed at cultural preservation include the revitalization of the antiquated musical instrument “Saroz” from Balochistan, the preservation of indigenous Kho culture of Northern Pakistan and of the Torewali language of Kohistan and Swat.

The U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) supports the preservation of cultural sites, cultural objects, and forms of traditional cultural expression in more than 100 developing countries around the world.

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