Dolph Lundgren Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €15 million
Age: 64
Born: 11/03/1957
Country of origin: Sweden
Source of Wealth: actor and director
Last updated: 2021

short introduction

Dolph Lundgren, who is known worldwide for his acting activities, can show an amazing vita of his life. Participation in a variety of action films, leading or supporting, as well as investing in stocks, real estate, and his lucrative sponsorship deals with CoverGirl cosmetics has increased his net worth to an estimated €156 million. The approximately 1.95 meter tall Swede also runs his own perfume line entitled “Von Dolph mit Liebe”, owns restaurants in his hometown of Stockholm and a football team and has also created his own vodka brand and fashion line.

Earlier life

Born in Stockholm and known worldwide as Dolph Lundgren, the actor and director was born Hans Lundgren, the son of an engineer and a language teacher. He grew up with three siblings in the Spånga-Tensta district of the Swedish capital. According to his own statements, Dolph Lundgren was repeatedly abused by his father. The actor and director spent most of his youth with his grandparents in Nyland.

In his youth, Lundgren was active in ice hockey, judo and later karate. According to his own statement, karate was his sport of choice because it meant a greater physical distance to his opponents. In 1979 Dolph Lundgren took part in the second World Open Karate Tournament in Tokyo as a green belt holder. As a result, Lundgren won numerous titles in Kyokushin karate, trained steadily over the years, founded his own karate club and took part in three world championships.
Before many stays abroad, Lundgren attended the Royal Technical University of Stockholm and graduated as a chemical engineer. Dolph Lundgren gained further experience on a variety of visiting fellowships, eventually earning a master’s degree in chemical engineering while on fellowship at the University of Sydney in 1982. As a stopover Dolph Lundgren was at Washington State University and Clemson University in South Carolina.

After completing a Fulbright scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge in 1984, Lundgren worked in New York as a doorman at The Limelight nightclub. It was at this job that he met actress and singer Grace Jones. Initially, Grace Jones hired him as his personal bodyguard, and a short time later began a relationship with Dolph Lundgren. The actress helped Lundgren land his first small appearance in James Bond 007: A View to a Kill.


The start of his career in 1985 started with a rejection of the role of the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in the action film “Rocky IV – The Fight of the Century”. When Dolph Lundgren sent a personal application with a photo to director and leading actor Sylvester Stallone, Lundgren was accepted. Lundgren’s popularity soared when Stallone had to go to the ER due to multiple hard hits during filming.

As a film star in action films, Dolph Lundgren received numerous orders in the years that followed. As the lead actor “He-Man” in “Masters of the Universe”, Lundgren grossed approximately 17.3 million US dollars with the film. “Red Scorpion” and “The Punisher” continued to follow in the 1980’s. Another success was the representation as a reanimated soldier in the film “Universal Soldier” by Roland Emmerich.

Numerous other films followed in the 1990s, but they received rather negative reviews and were rated as “B-Movies”. These included, for example, “Silent Trigger”, “The Sweeper – Land Mines” and “Red Zone”.

From 2004 to 2010, Dolph Lundgren directed six films and also played the lead actor. These films were primarily released and sold direct to DVD.

In 2010, Dolph Lundgren made a comeback as a movie lead when he starred in the first part of The Expendables alongside Jet Li and Jason Statham. The film adaptations of parts two and three followed, in which Dolph Lundgren again played a leading actor.
Further cinema appearances followed in the films “Aquaman” and in “Creed II – Rocky’s Legacy”. At the same time, Lundgren acted in direct-to-video films and has over 70 acting roles in his filmography.

Career highlights

The highlight at the beginning of his film career was getting into the fourth part of Rocky with the initially rejected film role and the subsequent hospitalization of Sylvester Stallone. This high profile event made Dolph Lundgren well known in Hollywood and the film industry as a tough actor for action movies.

A highlight of his career was starring in the three film adaptations of The Expendables. The third part, released in 2014, grossed over 206 million US dollars worldwide.

Famous quotes

Dolph Lindgren is known for the quote “If you heal yourself you can heal others”. This means that if one can heal oneself, others can also be healed.

Amazing Facts

Dolph Lundgren speaks six languages. In addition to Swedish and English, the actor and director also has knowledge of German, Spanish, Japanese and French. At Lundgren’s former school, a “Dolph Lundgren Scholarship” was introduced with an award of SEK 25,000 as prize money for high-performing students. Dolph Lindgren graduated with the highest score.

Estimated value: €15 million