Dr Nauman Niaz Net Worth in [year], Income Source & Personal Life Profile Picture

Dr Nauman Niaz Net Worth in 2024, Income Source & Personal Life

Dr Nauman Niaz is a Pakistani Cricket Correspondent. He is famous in Pakistan and whole world because of being a Cricket Correspondent. Let us take a quick glance at his professional life then we will check his net worth.

NameDr Nauman Niaz
ProfessionCricket Correspondent
Birth Year1969

Ever wondered about Dr Nauman Niaz Net Worth, Current Age & Personal Life in 2024? Let us Take a Quick Glance at his Net Worth in 2024

Dr Nauman Niaz Net Worth 2024 in Dollars & Pakistani Rupees

At the age of 52, Dr Nauman Niaz Net Worth in the 2024 is 1.5M. Following is the approximation of his net worth over multiple years.

  • Net Worth in 2024: 1500000
  • Net Worth in 2021: 1200000
  • Net Worth in 2020: 960000
  • Net Worth in 2019: 768000

Income Source of Dr Nauman Niaz

Born on November 19, 1969 in Pakistan, He isn’t famous only because of being a Cricket Correspondent but also because, Director Sports & Syndication of the PTVC, cricket correspondent, writer, anchorperson. Which is also the reason of him being so rich!

Please note that all these values are in Dollars, If you want to estimate them in Pakistani Rupees, Simply multiply them by the current dollar rate. His Zodiac Star Sign is Scorpio. Do you think that his fame and income is due to him being a Scorpio or because of his hard-work?

Personal Life of Dr Nauman Niaz , Pakistani Cricket Correspondent

As far as we know, Dr Nauman Niaz isn’t married. There is no news of his marriage on any social media platform nor that he ever mentioned his Girlfriend, as partner.


Nauman Niaz is a well-known cricket expert in Pakistan. He has been involved in the sports industry for more than two decades. His expertise lies in both writing and presenting cricket shows. However, he also plays a significant role in the Health Sector. In addition, he is a diabetologist, and an endocrinologist.

Dr Nauman started his career in television in 1996. Before joining PTV, he worked in several private channels. Later, he joined the Pakistan Cricket Board. The board appointed him as the media manager in 1999. After completing his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in MBBS, Nauman enrolled for a doctorate in Endocrinology. Currently, he is also a certified doctor in Internal Medicine.

During his career, he has written several articles and books. He has also been awarded with the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz award for sports journalism.

Dr Nauman has been the host of the game show ‘Game On Hai’, which is a live cricket analysis show on PTV Sports. This show has gained popularity among cricket fans. Recently, Dr. Nauman came in the headlines after he publicly criticized cricketer Shoaib Akhtar. As a result, the former cricketer left the show.

According to reports, a verbal spat between the two took place during the show. After the fight, Shoaib Akhtar walked out of the studio. He later explained the incident through tweets and a video.

Personal life

A highly respected Internal Medicine Specialist, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist, Dr. Nauman Niaz is one of the most prominent figures in Pakistan’s Sports and Media Industry. He has worked across several platforms and is currently the Director of Sports and Syndication of the PTV Corporation (PTVC) and the Director of the Training Academy at the PTV Academy in Islamabad. Amongst other accomplishments, he is a recipient of the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz award for sports journalism.

He has worked for several private and public channels and is a well-known face of PTV Sports. His show, “Nauman Niaz’s Analysis,” has gained popularity in Pakistan and is seen by a huge number of cricket fans. This is due to the fact that he features well-known cricketers such as Herschelle Gibbs, Jonty Rhodes and Saqlain Mushtaq on his show.

Apart from hosting his own show, Nauman also appeared as a commentator on a number of cricket shows. The most notable one being a commentary on Ten Sports during the 1996 World Cup in Australia.

Nauman was also invited by the Pakistani journalist Syed Talat Hussein to participate in his show. The show was a success and became popular in no time.

Nauman Niaz started his career in television in 1996. Having worked in numerous private channels, he was then hired by PTV for his own show.