Eno Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3 million
Age: 23
Born: 06/12/1998
Country of origin: Turkey
Source of Wealth: Turkey
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Eno, whose real name is Ensar Albayrak, is a German rapper with Turkish roots. He became known with the song “Who makes Para?”.

early life

Eno was born in Elazig, Turkey. He came to Germany with his family when he was a small child. Because of problems with his family’s asylum application, he was only eight years old when he could go to school. Due to his age, he went straight to the third grade. He could neither read nor write at the level of his classmates and had only a weak knowledge of German. Despite this difficult start, he finished school with a technical diploma and began studying civil engineering at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

When he began to be successful with his music, he paused his studies.

At the same time he started rapping and published his first songs on YouTube. His channel was initially called “Eno183”, which referred to his nickname and the ending of a Wiesbaden zip code. This channel is now called “Eno” and is no longer active. His videos are now published on the “Alles oder Nix” channel.


In 2016 he started rapping and uploading his songs to YouTube.

His first record company was Kopfticker Records, owned by rapper Xatar. Under this label he released his first album “Xalaz” in 2017. “Xalaz” reached number 39 in the German charts for a week. Shortly thereafter, this company was dissolved. Since then he has been under contract with the label “Alles oder Nix”, which also belongs to the rapper Xatar.

In October 2018, Eno released the album “Wellritzstraße” under this label. This album stayed in fifth place in the German album charts for three weeks. In early 2019 he made a tour of the same name with 10 concerts in Germany, one in Austria and one in Switzerland.

The album “Fuchs” followed in May 2019. “Fuchs” made it to number three in the German charts and stayed there for six weeks. In Austria the album peaked at number six and stayed there for three weeks. In Switzerland, “Fuchs” stayed in tenth place for four weeks. In the same year, Eno made his second tour of Germany and gave a total of 17 concerts. Two of them took place again in Austria and Switzerland.

In February 2020 his latest album “Bonität” will be released. The tour of the same name will take place in March 2020. There will be a total of 14 concerts. One in Austria, one in Switzerland and twelve in Germany.

Career highlights

He received his first gold record when he released the song “AMG2” together with Azzi Memo in November 2017. The song made it into the German single charts for 12 weeks and made it to eighth place.

The next time he received gold was in 2018 for the single “Mercedes” from the album “Wellritzstraße”. It stayed in the German charts for 29 weeks, reaching sixth place.

In 2019, Eno received two gold records. He received the first of these two for the single “Ferrari”, which also became his first number one spot in the German singles chart and was released in February 2019. The song can be found on the album “Fuchs” and stayed in the charts for twelve weeks. This song also reached number one in the respective charts in Austria and Switzerland. The single stayed in the charts in Austria for ten weeks and in Switzerland for seven weeks.

The second gold disc he received in 2019 was awarded to him for the single “Blackberry Sky” from the same album “Fuchs”. This song was released in March 2019 and stayed in the German single charts for 13 weeks. The best placement for “Blackberry Sky” was second place.

All four singles have each sold over 200,000 copies.

The album “Fuchs” made it to third place in the German album charts in 2018. In Austria, the album received sixth place.

Also in 2018 he released the single “Roli Glitzer Glitzer” with Capital Bra and Luciano. This single made it to the top of the German single charts and stayed in the charts for a total of twelve weeks.

Famous quotes

“I don’t want to shake hands with the devil”
“Cheeseburger steak became Angus”

Amazing Facts

Eno is the only one in his close family circle to have completed school.

As a child he wanted to be a civil engineer.

Eno has what appears to be a bald spot on his right eyebrow. In an interview, he clarified that this spot is not bald and he does not shave it off. He says it’s a pigment disorder and that’s where gray hair grows.

His musical role models are Xatar and Azad.

Estimated value: €3 million