Eva Brenner net worth

Estimated value: €500,000
Age: 46
Born: 01/02/1976
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: TV presenter
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Eva Brenner is best known as the presenter of the RTLII hit “Zuhause im Glück – Unser Einseil in ein neu Leben”. The German entrepreneur was already enthusiastic about architecture as a child and has turned this love into her profession. The graduate engineer for interior design currently lives in Düsseldorf and Bonn when she is not travelling. During her career she presented several well-known programs, both on RTLII and on ZDF. Outside of her job, she loves cooking, doing sports, yoga, jogging and being with her loved ones. She is also the author of a design book and regularly posts interior design and DIY tips and tricks on her social media channels. Eva Brenner’s net worth is currently estimated at half a million euros.

early life

Eva Brenner was born on January 2, 1976 in Kirchen, in Rhineland-Palatinate. Her grandparents had a stonemason business on their construction sites and in their workshops she discovered her love for building. Even as a child, her favorite pastime was building rooms out of building blocks, cardboard boxes and Lego bricks. After graduating from the private Gymnasium Marienstatt, Eva Brenner trained as a draftsman for building construction and completed various internships in the industry. After this experience, she decided to study interior design at the Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf, which she graduated with a diploma in 2003.
Already during her studies, Eva Brenner supervised her first conversions in Germany and abroad and earned her money with jobs as a presenter in order to finance her studies. From 2003 she moderated an internet magazine and thus gained experience for her later career as a TV presenter.


In 2005, Eva Brenner became self-employed and began presenting the RTLII docu-soap “Zuhause im Glück” with her colleague John Kosmalla. For the period of the series, Eva Brenner oversaw the building projects and was responsible for most of the planning and work. “Zuhause im Glück” ran for 14 years and only ended in 2019. It was one of the station’s longest-running programs and helped Eva Brenner to succeed as a presenter.
In addition to “Zuhause im Glück”, she also moderated the docu-soap “Die (T) Raumretterin”, also on RTLII, from 2011 to 2013, a program about German emigrants. Since 2016, Eva Brenner and her colleague have been in charge of the ZDF program “kaputt… und sewn”. In this show, damaged favorite objects are restored by experts for their owners. She is also currently moderating “Mach was draus”, a program on ZDF in which designers compete to upcycle old objects. Since 2020 she has been moderating the docu-soap “Duel der Gartenprofis” on ZDF.
Away from the camera, Eva Brenner runs a successful interior design and architecture office in Düsseldorf with two colleagues and published her book “My best DIY projects for garden and balcony” in 2020.

Career highlights

Eva Brenner first studied architecture and interior design at the same time and then completed her studies with a diploma in interior design.
In the following self-employment, she made her TV breakthrough as a presenter of the RTLII program “Zuhause im Glück”. For 14 years, Eva Brenner moderated one of the most successful productions on RTLII and it was also the most successful renovation show in Germany.
Since 2020, Eva Brenner has had the highest ratings that the show has ever seen with the “Duel of the Garden Professionals”. The program has been running since 2017 and is attracting an ever-growing audience.

Information about possessions

In 2016, Eva Brenner acquired an old, listed vicarage near Bonn, which she has been renovating and remodeling bit by bit since then. She is also, together with two colleagues, head of an interior design and architecture office in Düsseldorf.

Famous quotes

Among other things, Eva Brenner is involved with the Düsseldorf Reading Band, a voluntary network that is committed to teaching reading skills and a love of reading. The project is aimed primarily at children, but adults should also be encouraged to read.
“Words can convey so much information, they can mean the world and life on de[n] turn head But they can also hurt, so do me a favor and choose your words wisely, both spoken and written. Because no matter how different we humans are, we all have one thing in common: we want to be happy!”

Amazing Facts

Eva Brenner loves to cook dishes from all over the world and loves languages. She prefers to be by the sea than in the mountains. And Eva Brenner volunteers for the organization Help – Help for self-help, which was founded in 1981 to support Afghan refugees. Help is now active in over 20 countries and Eva Brenner helped, for example, with projects to support the victims of the floods in Germany in June 2013. Projects for the reconstruction of living space are particularly close to her heart, for example after the earthquake in Haiti. Eva Brenner is involved with donations as well as with performances and public advertising for the association.

Estimated value: €500,000