Evelyn Burdecki net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €500,000
Age: 33
Born: 09/20/1988
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: reality star
Last updated: 2021

short introduction

Evelyn Burdecki is a well-known TV participant in Germany, it girl and a so-called reality star. She became known through various reality formats. She first appeared on television in 2013 on the dating show Take Me Out.
This was followed by participation in many other formats of this kind.
In 2019 she founded her own company: “Evelyn’s World”.

early life

Evelyn Burdecki was born in Düsseldorf and is the daughter of Polish parents. She has a sister and a brother who are both older than her. Evelyn’s family is strictly Catholic. Evelyn herself is a believer and was even in the children’s choir when she was young. According to insider knowledge, she used to be rather shy and blushed quickly. According to her own statements, she wanted to be a masseuse as a child. Instead, after school, she caught up on her technical college entrance qualification and began an apprenticeship at Aldi.
In between, she completed training as a fitness trainer.


Evelyn broke off her training at Aldi in favor of her career. It certainly didn’t do her any harm.
Shortly thereafter she took part in the well-known RTL dating show “Take me out”. However, she was eliminated in the first episode.

Not long after that television appearance, she landed herself in the news and headlines by allegedly flirting with Hollywood actor “Leonardo Di Caprio,” who invited her to a party.

Her “breakthrough” came in August 2017 with her participation in “Celebrity Big Brother”. Here she still managed sixth place. Because of her sometimes naïve and inexperienced nature and her simple-minded comments, she soon earned the nickname “The Brain”, which partly still clings to her.
For participating in this show, she allegedly received 10,000 euros.

In early 2018, she appeared on the show Bachelor in Paradise for 15 episodes. This is a spin-off of the Bachelor. In this show, she and her partner “Domenico de Cicco” were chosen as one of the three winning couples. In real life, however, the two were only a couple for a few months.
As compensation, Evelyn was able to collect an alleged 12,000 euros for participating.

This was followed by various television appearances, including the shows “Beat the Box”, “Fort Boyard”, “Grill den Profi” and “Ingenious next to it – the quiz”. In the meantime, she had already achieved a high level of fame. However, she did not only get this through her work on TV, but also through her appearance on Instagram, where she now has an impressive 600,000 followers.

At the beginning of 2019, she succeeded in participating in the jungle camp “I’m a star – get me out of here”, the next big coup of her career. She was the winner of this season and was able to pocket a handsome prize of 100,000 euros and an additional fee of 80,000 euros. Since then, her career has made another significant leap forward. She was a participant in the twelfth season of Let’s Dance and together with her professional dance partner “Evgeny Vinokurov” she took fifth place.

Together with Dieter Bohlen, Bruce Darnell and Chris Tall, she sat in front of the camera as a juror on the casting show “Das Supertalent” until the end of 2020. She has thus managed another big coup, which should have increased her Net Worth by a good deal.
The same applies to the 90s show “Do you remember…?”, in which she travels back in time together with Verona Poth and Atze Schröder.
With her natural, lovable and carefree manner, she has moderated herself in the hearts of many viewers.

Evelyn also managed to land a lucrative advertising contract for a well-known chocolate bar. Shortly thereafter, she founded her own company “Evelyn’s World” and has been a successful entrepreneur ever since.
In December 2020 she created her own fashion line “Kiss Collection by Evelyn Burdecki”, which was distributed by the discounter “Netto”.
Overall, Evelyn Burdecki’s Net Worth is estimated at a whopping 500,000 euros.

highlights of her career

The highlight of her varied career is definitely the victory at the jungle camp and the jury seat at Supertalent. In terms of notoriety, her glamorous appearance on Let’s Dance is clearly nothing to sneeze at either.

Amazing facts about Evelyn

– As the offspring of an arch-Catholic family, the mother did not like it when she went to school in short skirts. She would then simply grab a pair of leggings and change as soon as she was out of sight

– Evelyn wants a big family and already knows what the future dad should be like: “He has to have a small beer belly, be funny and of course push the stroller.

– Before her career took off, she worked as a waitress in a burger shop.

– At the beginning of her career, she repeatedly expressed her desire to become the new “Verona Poth”.

Estimated value: €500,000