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family mack assets: $20 million Roland Mack was born in Waldkirch as the son of the entrepreneur Franz Mack. From 1969 to 1974 he studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Karlsruhe, graduating with a degree in engineering.

family mack Net Worth
family mack Net Worth

When his father’s business partner died in 1975, he joined the company and founded Europa-Park in Rust together with his father. Since then he has been the managing partner of this amusement park. He is also a partner of Mack Rides GmbH & Co KG from Waldkirch.

In 1978 Mack founded the Association of German Amusement Parks and Leisure Companies. He served on the company’s board of directors until 1983 and was vice president from 1984 to 1992. He is also an active member of the international group IAAPA, which joined the Board in 2008. From 2011 to 2012 he was the first German President of the IAAPA.

Roland Mack was appointed “Special Envoy for Families” by the Council of Europe in April 2003. He was involved in the philanthropic project We Help Africa, for which he was a city sponsor, in preparation for the 2010 soccer World Cup in South Africa.

family mack Net Worth

On the occasion of the Mechanical Engineering Day 2013, the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology awarded Mack an honorary doctorate for his services to the safe construction of amusement rides.

family mack Net Worth
family mack Net Worth

Roland Mack is married and father of two sons (Thomas Mack and Michael Mack) and one daughter. Jürgen Mack is his younger brother.

Born on October 12, 1949 in Freiburg im Breisgau. Roland Mack’s Net Worth is estimated at one billion dollars. In November 2011 he was named King of Fun by the IAAPA. He also founded the Rulantica water park next to Europa-Park.

Our family business is currently in the seventh generation of prosperity due to this approach. In 1780 Paul Mack developed the first mail coaches and carriages for showmen and in 1975 I opened Europa-Park together with my father Franz Mack. Mack Rides now exports roller coasters worldwide and Europa-Park is Germany’s largest and most popular amusement park, with over 4.5 million visitors a year, as well as the world’s largest seasonal amusement park.

My father was a simple man. His motto was, “If we do something, we do it right.” We stick to that to this day. We strive to offer our guests the best possible experience. In addition, we want to develop new attractions and spectacles every year.

When building new cable cars or hotels, quality comes first. If we are convinced of an investment and its viability, we do not always pay attention to every cent, but plan the flawless execution down to the smallest detail. Capers and flying locks are not our thing. New attractions have to be operated with hands and feet.

According to WELT guest author Roland Mack, there are no compelling reasons for a wealth tax. On the contrary, it violates the German Basic Law and poses a threat to the German economy. An illustration shows how much is at stake.

He bears the costs of the Corona situation, right? The answer to this critical question ahead of the general election is simple: the rich. That’s essentially all. The proposal to revive the wealth tax is a good populist tactic.

Because this tax only affects 2% of the population, you can’t go wrong campaigning. You can probably get away with a few votes less. Even after the financial crisis, citizens continued to hear proposals to return or create a wealth tax.

And now the old drafts are being pulled out of the drawer, albeit with the same content: there are no compelling arguments for a wealth tax or wealth levy.

How much money does Mack Rides have?

The Macks are better known for their Europa-Park in Rust, which is the world’s most-visited seasonal amusement park, than for the rides themselves. Plans are to open Rulantica, a year-round Nordic-themed water park, by the end of November 32,600 square meters and will be open all year round.

On Sunday there is €uro. Mr. Mack, you also have nothing to complain about in terms of visitor numbers at Europa-Park this summer. How do you proceed?

Roland Mack (Roland Mack): I think that’s due to the large variety of very varied and always fresh offers. Our visitors keep coming back to our website to learn more. We do marketing, but word of mouth is our primary sales channel.

family mack Net Worth
family mack Net Worth

We offer a one stop shop for all your needs. attractions at the highest level; Entertaining entertainment shows; 55 country-specific restaurants, bistros, cafes, ice cream parlors and street food stalls that match our ‘Europe’ themes, including a two-star Michelin restaurant; a well-equipped conference center; and last but not least six hotels. We also host a number of television programs such as Stefan Mross’ Sunday morning entertainment show ‘Immer wieder Sundays’ which is broadcast from our location.

The Mack family runs Europa-Park. Franz Mack (1921-2010) took over the family business Mack GmbH & Co (today Mack Rides) together with his brothers in 1958. In 1972 he traveled to the United States with his son Roland (born 1949), and the experience prompted him to establish a theme park in Germany to serve as a demonstration site for his company’s wares. [eine Referenz ist erforderlich]

The park was originally supposed to be located in Breisach. “Europa-Park” was chosen in honor of the neighboring Europaweiher, a tiny artificial lake commemorating a historic pilot election held in Breisach, Germany, in which 95.6 percent of voters backed the European Union in 1950 .

Due to water problems, the Breisach site was deemed unsuitable and the project was relocated about 30 kilometers north to the site of the old Balthasar Castle in Rust, which the Macks had previously purchased.

The 71-year-old wants to build a completely new themed area that will include a giant roller coaster. “The roller coaster planning is complete, the applications have been submitted to the authorities,” said Mack in an interview with the Handelsblatt.

It is not surprising that the medium-sized company from Rust in Baden is already looking to the future, but it is not commonplace. Because the present is difficult enough as it is. The company, which employs around 4,500 people, has been practically non-operational since the end of October.

The medium-sized company was only able to keep its head above water with state subsidies and, above all, short-time work benefits. “Without the support, we would have been in serious financial trouble, so it’s an acceptable loss,” adds Mack.

How rich is the owner of Europa-Park?

Roland Mack’s net worth is estimated at one billion dollars. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) honored him as King of Fun in November 2011. The Rulantica water park, which he founded next to Europa-Park, is also named after him.

The company is the second most visited amusement park in Europe and welcomed over 5.7 million visitors last year alone. Disneyland Paris comes in second place. However, Disney speaks of a US company, while the Macks are still a Baden family company.

In mid-May, Mack’s attitude oscillated between cynicism and optimism. Everything in this park belongs to him: six hotels with a total capacity of over 5,800 beds, more than 100 attractions, all embedded in a historic castle park covering an area of ​​around 100 hectares.

family mack Net Worth
family mack Net Worth

In the fairytale land, the lord of the roller coasters turns off the road, takes a quick step off the gas pedal, looks around at the lovingly laid out beds and remembers what was probably the most bizarre Easter Sunday of his life: “280,000 spring flowers just for us,” he said to his Mrs. Marianne as she walked over lonely paths.

Who bears the costs of the Corona crisis? Before the general election, the clear answer to this essential issue comes from many different political camps: it comes from the rich. That sums it up really well. The proposal to reintroduce the wealth tax is a powerful populist tactic that should be supported.

Since this tax only affects two percent of the population, you can’t go wrong in the election campaign. You can probably do without the few votes cast. Even after the financial crisis, people have been calling for wealth taxes to be reintroduced or an income tax to be levied on the wealthy.

And now the old drafts are being pulled out of the drawers, although the substance has changed since they were created: there are no compelling reasons for a wealth tax or levy in the current economic uncertainty.

Europa-Park first opened its doors in 1975 on a 16-hectare site. It had 250,000 visitors the first year, 700,000 the second, and then a million in 1978 when it peaked.

The ground is littered with massive tubes just about ready for action. The screams of the youngsters should fill the air in late November as they hurtle down these water slides. The following applies to the upgrading of Europa-Park Rust: For more than a year, a completely new park has been developed on a wasteland in Baden-Württemberg.