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Farid Bang net worth in 2022 Career & Relationship

Farid Bang (civil Farid Hamed El Abdellaoui) is a German rapper, label boss and entrepreneur. Among other things, he is known for his close friendship and collaboration with the rapper college and the resulting trilogy of collaboration albums, Young, Brutal, Good Looking. In the following article, we will officially take a close look at his net worth.

How much money does Farid Bang have? – Expert assessment

There is currently a lot of speculation about the rapper’s account balance. To date, Farid Bang has not made a personal statement about his Net Worth, but there are numerous sources and statements from fellow rappers that make it somewhat easier to estimate his Net Worth.

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Based on all available information and our analysis, that is Estimated net worth of Farid Bang in 2019 at least 20 million dollars.

Last year was probably the most successful year of Farid Bang’s career, which is why we are Income in 2018 on round 5 to 8 million dollars estimate.

Summary: Farid Bang Net Worth and Earnings
Estimated value 20 million dollars
Estimated earnings 2018 8 million dollars
Estimated income 2019 3 million dollars

Farid Bang net worth in [year] Career & Relationship Profile Picture

Farid Bang net worth in [year] Career & Relationship Profile Picture

Rapper Fler confirms: “Farid is the richest rapper in Germany”

In an interview with Hip hop from May 2019 answers the rapper colleague Fler to the question “Who is currently the richest rapper in Germany” with the following statement:

“Farid! Safe. Safe. (..) Farid has label deals. Sales money old, stock artist. Summer Cem, has had KC for a long time, things are going well, JBG 3 was motherf***er old, what money came in there. I think he’s the richest right now.”

Here you go List of the 10 richest German rappers.

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Sources of income from Farid Bang

Farid Bang has long been more than just a rapper. He is the label boss of one of the most successful rap labels in Germany, namely “Banger Musik”. In addition, he has numerous advertising deals and other lucrative mainstays.

All sources of income at a glance:

  • Music / Album Sales / Streaming
  • Youtube video earnings
  • Label “Banger Musik” (earnings of his artists)
  • Live performances, tour
  • Ataque (own fashion brand, distributed by DefShop)
  • Promotional Deals (Zec+)
  • Guest roles as an actor

Cars & Real Estate by Farid Bang

On Instagram, the rapper asked his fans to ask him questions. The question often arose as to how many cars and properties he owned.

His answer: Farid Bang is the owner of 2 vehicles and owns 2 properties in Germany.

Below is the source:

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Farid Bang Instagram Story Screenshot (May 22, 2019)
Farid Bang Instagram Story Screenshot (May 22, 2019)
Farid Bang on His Cars (Net Worth)
Farid Bang Instagram Story Screenshot 2 (May 22, 2019)

Farid shows his luxury villa (room tour)

In March 2019, the rapper first showed his villa in an Instagram story. The Youtuber “RapCheck” has uploaded a very good video on his channel:


Luxury watch by Farid Bang

Shortly before the release of his single “#never fooling” he posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “Here is the official cover of my next single”. You can see one RICHARD MILLE 032 Watch.

Farid Bang clock
Farid Bang’s clock. Source: instagram.com/faridbangbang

With a purchase price of 130,000 dollars she is probably considered the most expensive watch in the German rap scene. Farid Bang sets new standards!

Also interesting: The popular Farid Bang T-Shirt:

Farid Bang Tshirt - Sayings
Farid Bang T-Shirt | Fitness saying

Profile of Farid Hamed El Abdellaoui (Farid Bang):

Date of birth June 4, 1986
Place of birth Melilla (Spain)
Marital status single
Current Location Dusseldorf (DE)
Bourgeois name Farid Hamed El Abdellaoui
nicknames Farid, Friend, Banger
height 181 cm

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