Farrukh Khokhar Net Worth in [year], Income Source & Personal Life Profile Picture

Farrukh Khokhar Net Worth in 2024, Income Source & Personal Life

Farrukh Khokhar is a Pakistani Famous Landlord. He is famous in Pakistan and whole world because of being a Famous Landlord. Let us take a quick glance at his professional life then we will check his net worth.

NameFarrukh Khokhar
ProfessionFamous Landlord
Birth Year1998

Ever wondered about Farrukh Khokhar Net Worth, Current Age & Personal Life in 2024? Let us Take a Quick Glance at his Net Worth in 2024

Farrukh Khokhar Net Worth 2024 in Dollars & Pakistani Rupees

At the age of 23, Farrukh Khokhar Net Worth in the 2024 is 5.0M. Following is the approximation of his net worth over multiple years.

  • Net Worth in 2024: 5000000
  • Net Worth in 2021: 4000000
  • Net Worth in 2020: 3200000
  • Net Worth in 2019: 2560000

Income Source of Farrukh Khokhar

Born on July 19, 1998 in Pakistan, He isn’t famous only because of being a Famous Landlord but also because, TikTok and being the son of Taji Khokhar. Which is also the reason of him being so rich!

Please note that all these values are in Dollars, If you want to estimate them in Pakistani Rupees, Simply multiply them by the current dollar rate. His Zodiac Star Sign is Cancer. Do you think that his fame and income is due to him being a Cancer or because of his hard-work?

Personal Life of Farrukh Khokhar , Pakistani Famous Landlord

As far as we know, Farrukh Khokhar isn’t married. There is no news of his marriage on any social media platform nor that he ever mentioned his Girlfriend, as partner.

As a health care provider and political activist, Farrukh Khokhar is not someone you would usually hear of in this day and age. Yet, it has become clear that he is an extraordinary individual. In fact, he is a hero in many circles. His political career and his philanthropy, along with his work as a medical doctor, are both inspiring and important. Let’s explore his life and his legacy.

Early life

Farrukh Khokhar is the son of Taji Khokhar, the Pakistan People’s Party activist who was scuttled by the Rawalpindi police last year. He was charged with links to land grabbers and assisting anti-social elements. A court ordered him to be placed on the Fourth Schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act. Currently, he is undergoing treatment in a jail in Islamabad.

On January 4, 2021, Taji Khokhar died in Rawalpindi. The funeral prayers were held at Dera Taji Khokhar. Bilal Khokhar confirmed the news on social media. His death occurred after a prolonged illness.

Taji Khokhar’s father was a prominent figure in the political circles of the city and was an ardent supporter of the Pakistan People’s Party. As a result, the family was provided security and the accused was handed over to the police after assurances. However, the young man escaped from the police custody on Monday. This led to an overnight raid that led to his arrest.

Political career

The PPP’s Farrukh Khokhar is no doubt the leader of the pack, but it isn’t all about him. He has played a major role in the country’s politics, ranging from a stint as a provincial minister to a stint as the nation’s top human rights official. One of his more notable roles was as the head of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Human Rights. Now he’s back home in Islamabad as a senator, where he will continue to serve in the future.

In addition to his stint as a Senator, he has also served as the Information Secretary of Punjab, which is a coveted post. When he first started out in politics, he was affiliated with the Pakistan Muslim League Q, but eventually switched to the PPP. After a brief stint in the Army, he served as a top civilian government official, before heading up the country’s human rights bureau.