Felix Lobrecht Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1 million
Age: 33
Born: 12/24/1988
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Comedian, Entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Felix Manuel Lobrecht is a German stand-up comedian. Felix Lobrecht has been very successful in recent years as a comedian and as part of the successful podcast “Gemischtes Hack” in German-speaking countries. He has published two books so far, with “Sonne und Beton” becoming a Spiegel bestseller book. Felix Lobrecht lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg and is considered a lovable chav who, from a poor background, managed to joke his way to Germany’s comedy elite and into people’s hearts.

early life

Felix Lobrecht was born in 1988 near Munster. His mother died of cancer when he was just four years old. Shortly thereafter, his father moved with him and his two younger siblings to Berlin, to Gropiusstadt, to Neukölln. Felix Lobrecht describes his childhood as happy, even if the family suffered from constant money worries. His father, whom he now often refers to as the “best man”, took good care of the children and did his utmost to offer them a good future.

Nevertheless, his youth can certainly be described as tough. Felix Lobrecht was one of the few young people in his neighborhood without a migration background, which made conflicts and physical confrontations almost unavoidable. First Lobrecht attended the Hannah-Arendt-Gymnasium in Rudow. However, he was expelled from this school for his behavior. A change to the Clay comprehensive school brought change and in 2005 he received his secondary school certificate.

After school, Felix Lobrecht tried various odd jobs. He worked, among other things, in a fitness studio and in a plant wholesaler. In 2008 he got his technical college entrance qualification at the Oberstufenzentrum Berlin-Schoeneweide. In 2012 he acquired the general higher education entrance qualification by preparing for the exams and taking the so-called non-pupil exam.

He began an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, but soon realized that this was not the path he wanted to take. The young Felix, who was an enthusiastic sportsman and breakdancer, almost started an apprenticeship as a fitness clerk. But that didn’t happen either. His career began with a few poetry slam appearances, in which he used texts to address the dissatisfaction he had experienced during his short training period.


What very few people know is that Felix Lobrecht studied political science in tranquil Marburg in central Hesse. It was there that his career as a stand-up comedian began, as he signed up for various poetry slams to earn his rent. His fame quickly grew. He appeared on the comedy show Night Wash. Since 2017, Felix Lobrecht has only performed as a stand-up comedian and no longer takes part in poetry slams.

Lobrecht became known to the general public through his appearances on the show “Cologne Comedy Night XXL” and on the RTL II show “Comedy Champions 2016”. With his first live tour “kenn ick” he was able to reach a large audience. He is currently on the road with the program “Hype”, which has been received with great enthusiasm throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Above all, his stage shows are one thing: authentic. Felix Lobrecht plays no role on stage. He stages himself and his experiences with a large portion of irony and inspires thousands of fans. His Berlin dialect and the balancing act between chav, student and biting but intelligent views of society and Co. result in a mixture that many people can identify with. Felix Lobrecht delivers comedy from various areas of society and can use his experience to create a connection that is currently unique on German stages.
In addition to his tour, he appears at a number of comedy events, such as Dieter Nuhr’s “Nuhr” television show or the 1Live “Hörsaal-Comedy”.

But Felix Lobrecht is also successful as an author. His first book, a collaboration with Malte Rosskopf, “10 minutes? That’s 20 marks”, was already a success. The second book, this time a solo effort, is a partly autobiographical depiction of a youth in Berlin in a hotspot district and was published by Ullstein Verlag. The book became a Spiegel bestseller.

Whatever Felix Lobrecht tackles becomes a success. The “Gemischtes Hack” podcast with comedy author Tommi Schmidt, which appears weekly, is also a huge success in Germany. Between 50 and 100,000 listeners listen to the two jokers talk about everyday, current affairs and anecdotes from their lives every week.
1Live productions, such as “What do things do” and “How does it work?”, which were published on YouTube, also rely on Felix Lobrecht as the driving force.

Career highlights

In 2018, Felix Lobrecht won the German Comedy Award as the best newcomer. In 2019 he received the 1Live Krone (Comedy Krone).

Famous quotes


“Steve old.”

“I’m not the type for.”

“That’s a bit of a cheek here.”

“Fuck it, I’m a baby, dude.”

Amazing Facts

Felix Lobrecht studied political science in Marburg. His favorite politicians are Gregor Gysi and Barack Obama. If he had to move within Germany, he would move to Cologne. Felix Lobrecht does not (currently) have a driver’s license. He also uses his popularity to draw attention to social issues such as organ donation.

Estimated value: €1 million