Female Weightlifter from Peshawar won silver medal in Australia

Female Weightlifter from Peshawar won silver medal in Australia

Maryam Nasim changing the game and making her mark in the world of powerlifting

A female Weightlifter Maryam Nasim belongs to Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has won silver medal in Australia

Maryam won a silver medal in a weightlifting competition in 57-kg category in Melbourne and to her it’s a tremendous achievement for someone who’s been weightlifting for just two years.

As a teenager, Maryam left her family and moved to Melbourne a decade ago to complete her studies in accounting. While living there, she discovered her love for weightlifting.

She has turned into a professional female weightlifter who is based in Melbourne, Australia but hails from Peshawar, Pakistan. She works as a banker at day and follows her passion of powerlifting at night.

Maryam Nasim is breaking stereotypes about the women of her native province and country and believes she is representing her people’s positive side.

She has also been the Australian Football League’s Multicultural Ambassador. Through her achievements, she hopes to send a message that Pakistani women, if given freedom of choice and support, can do extraordinary things.

While talking to media, Maryam Nasim said my family’s moral support and positive, encouraging comments from Pakistan on social media are like an energizer for me and In return, I try to keep their expectations alive.

She further said that the nervousness on the eve of her first weightlifting competition. When she shared her concern on social media, she got lots of support and good wishes not just from friends, but followers whom she didn’t know personally.

Maryam admits that it was possibile that she may have never found her passion in Pakistan however  despite difficulties, there are some Pakistani women who have pursued athletics as a career and are making a name for themselves.

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