Florian Silbereisen net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €8.5 million
Age: 40
Born: 08/04/1981
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: crooner
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

He likes to cook with friends and loves board games. He rides his motorcycle through the country, especially in his Bavarian homeland, which grounds him – Florian Silbereisen, the musical all-round talent, who also cuts a good figure as a moderator, entertainer and actor and feels at home on the musical stage. Considering the fact that his career began so early, Florian Silbereisen has remained surprisingly down to earth.

early life

Florian Bernd Silbereisen was born in Tiefenbach near Passau in Bavaria. He has four older siblings, two sisters and two brothers. At the age of 5 he discovered his love for the accordion and played without notes. Later, the Styrian harmonica, the so-called “Ziach”, aroused his interest. Hermann Huber, the world champion of the ziach, teaches him how to play. And Florian’s parents, Helga and Franz, realize that their son is a natural. They invest a lot of time driving it to shows from a young age. Florian Silbereisen is already a welcome guest at folk festivals when he is still at pre-school age, where he supports the “merry Almdudler” duo with his musical skills.

In 1991, at the age of 10, Florian Silbereisen released a 12-song album called “Florian with his Styrian harmonica”. Soon the big names in show business will take notice of him. He is allowed to appear in Karl Moik’s talent show “Wie die Alten sungen” and then in the Musikantenstadl. Just one year later, Florian Silbereisen received a prize in the category for young folk artists for his performance as an instrumental soloist.

Numerous other appearances followed, as well as several published albums, such as “I would like to stay alive a Lausbua” and “Lustig samma”. Silbereisen is just a teenager at this time.


In 1998 he made it to the preliminary decision for the Grand Prix of Folk Music. A year later comes the breakthrough. He appears on Carmen Nebel’s TV show Feste der Volksmusik and is soon known across the country.
He goes on tour, moderates a program on MDR called “Mit Florian, Hut und Wanderstock”, and finally follows in the footsteps of Carmen Nebel in 2004. He takes over their Saturday evening show “Feste der Volksmusik”, which is then renamed “Feste mit Florian Silbereisen”. Silbereisen recognizes his talent as a moderator and entertainer and sets a record. There is no one his age (just 22 years old) in all of Europe leading a Saturday night show.

During one of these programs he has a guest who will later play a particularly important role in his life: Helene Fischer. Together they sing a Hungarian operetta medley. But during this time, Florian Silbereisen’s friend is another, namely Andy Borg’s sister-in-law. It should be a while before Silbereisen and Fischer become the dream couple of the hit scene. In the meantime, Florian even makes a detour to the musical stage, playing the role of death in “Elisabeth” in 2006. At the same time he embodies a newspaper editor who tries to find out something about the origin of a foundling in the German-Austrian feature film “König der Herzen”. Two years later it is announced that he and Helene Fischer are a couple.

Silbereisen continues to moderate and publish various albums until he embarks on a new course in 2015. What started as a fun beer table project with his buddies Jan Smit and Christoff De Bolle turns out to be an unexpected success: the founding of the trio Klubbb3, his own band, which performs a combination of pop and modern music. The first album “Vorsicht Unzensiert” was released in 2016 and took seventh place in the German hit parade. The album is also very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands, the home countries of his bandmates. The music video for the single “You can do it already” is published on YouTube and has 22 million clicks there.

Visually, Florian Silbereisen has changed. He has traded in his blow-dried blonde for a darker, sleeker haircut and now has a three-day stubble. Again he takes on a new show, “The Hits of the Summer” or “The Hits of the Year”. Previously, Bernhard Brink led through the program. He also goes on tour with Klubbb3 and releases two more albums with his band, which are just as successful as the first and climb to the top of the charts.

In 2019, the public learned that Florian’s long-term love, Helene Fischer, separated from him again after almost twelve years. Meanwhile, Silbereisen is singing a duet with former Modern Talking member Thomas Anders. The title, ironically, “She said she loves me”. But Silbereisen cannot be defeated, neither by the sometimes merciless media nor by love. And so he continues to sing and moderate with the usual diligence and will even make films again: ZDF surprisingly hired him as the captain of the series “Traumschiff”. At Christmas 2019, Silbereisen set sail for the first time on a course to Tanzania.

Florian Silbereisen lives in a house on Mondsee with a view of the Salzkammergut Mountains.

Career highlights

The fact that he had enough musicality as a small child to be on stage with the “oldies” and win prizes should have been a great achievement for Florian Silbereisen. His former teacher describes him as a “top talent”. In addition to the first award for young talents in folk music, the Herbert Roth Prize, he was also awarded the Goldene Henne, the Bambi and the Krone der Volksmusik in later years. The resounding popularity of his own band Klubbb3, which surprises with pop sounds, should also be a milestone in his career. The group was honored three times with the Smago Award, a prize for successful artists of the hit genre. Florian Silbereisen himself received two more Smago Awards, including for his merit as the most successful show master of the year.

Famous quotes

Florian Silbereisen polarizes like no other in the hit business. You either love him or you don’t like him at all. Silbereisen’s attitude towards his critics is surprisingly indifferent: “If the criticism is honest, then I’m open to it. But you also have to live with a lot of clichés and get over them.” He only has a problem with it when it “goes privately and below the belt” and when the family becomes a target. But he himself has “a thick skin.”

Amazing Facts

Florian Silbereisen’s life has been surprisingly scandal-free so far, apart from a brief incident when mulled wine at a Christmas market went to his head. Otherwise there is nothing negative to report about the clean man of folk music. He is also committed to a good cause, once appeared in favor of promoting a children’s hospice.

The somewhat “harder” Florian Silbereisen appears when he lifts his shirt sleeve. Numerous tattoos adorn his skin, three times the letter B in reference to his band Klubbb3, a map that symbolizes his homeland of Bavaria, and the oversized likeness of his former love Helene Fischer. Despite the separation, he still wants to keep the Fischer tattoo as proof of the close friendship with the Schlagerqueen.

Estimated value: €8.5 million