Frank Zander net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3 million
Age: 80
Born: 02/04/1942
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Musician
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

It is not known how large Frank Zander’s net worth is. What is certain is that Zander has been a singer and songwriter with numerous hits in the charts for forty years. According to his own statements, his success is based on the fact that he always swims against the tide, is always somehow different and uncomfortable, but is also inimitable and unmistakable.

On the outside, this is reflected in a penchant for fancy disguises. Musically, he stands out with his rough, raspy voice and his versatility. It doesn’t matter whether it’s swing, hits or rap – the native Berliner always seems to find the right tone.

early life

What is known about Zander’s early life is that he trained as a graphic artist. He made his first steps as a musician as a singer and guitarist in the band “Gloomy-Moon-Singers”, which also included the later “Modern Talking” singer Christian Anders. Together they toured Germany. However, at that time Zanders earned just 80 marks per performance.

In addition, Zander was initially forced to interrupt his “career” because his wife feared he might be unfaithful to her while touring. However, in his job as a graphic designer, Zander soon fell into depression.

Eventually his wife allowed him to play music again, but only because she thought Zander would not go down well with audiences. Zander had ruined his voice in the course of a bad tonsillitis. Little did she know that the now rough, raspy voice was intended to help him break through.


Zander’s career began in the mid-1970s with hits like “Der Ur-Ur-Enkel von Frankenstein”, which was number one in the Austrian charts for a week in 1975. The songs “I drink to your well-being, Marie” (1974) and “Oh, Susi” (1976) brought him an award with the bronze “Bravo Otto” from the youth magazine “Bravo”.

From 1978, Zander made a name for himself under the pseudonym “Fred sunshine and his friends”. The friends were originally talking golden hamsters, with whom Zander talked during the songs. During performances, the little animals were brought to life by performers in mascot costumes. The wildlife foray ended with the first gold record for the number one hit Yes, If We Were All Angels (1981).

A special feature of this success was that the song was based in a parodistic way on the “Duck Dance” of the “Electronicas”, which was considered a summer hit that year. In the years that followed, Zander caused a stir with further cover versions of current hits, such as the song “Da, da, da, ich haben, du haben” (originally by Trio).

In 1990 Zander landed another big hit with “Here Comes Kurt”. Even if Zanders didn’t make it to number one, the catchy tune stayed in the charts longer than any of his other songs.

After that, Zander managed only once to place a hit in the charts with the song “Here comes Knut” (2007). Nevertheless, he released numerous other records and enjoys a loyal fan base.

In addition to his work as a musician, Zander tried again and again as a presenter of TV music shows.

Career highlights

In artistic and financial terms, the highlight of Zander’s career is his number one hit “Yes, If We Were All Angels”. The song stayed in the charts for 29 weeks and earned him a “Gold Record”. However, many people remember Zander more because of the catchy tune “Here comes Kurt”.

Famous quotes

“In the past, when you had a good song, you knew it would sell. It’s different today. The record companies don’t care if a song is good. What they want is artists who drop their pants and spit in people’s faces. They are then pushed and pushed into every TV show.”

“Kurt’s real name was Alois. Almost 20 years ago I saw him in a Munich café. Suddenly a tanned guy with a ponytail and a long white coat stormed in, slapped the waitress on the butt and said loud enough for everyone to hear: You’ll get your money tomorrow! Then he disappeared again.”

Amazing Facts

Every year since 1995, Zander has organized a Christmas party for the homeless and poor people in Berlin’s Estrel. In addition to food and gifts, there is also a free show. For this he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit in 2007

Zander is also an actor. Among other things, he played the role of a pimp in the crime series Tatort

Zander composed the stadium anthem “We’re not just going home” for the Hertha BSC football club

Estimated value: €3 million