Frauke Ludowig Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 58
Born: 01/10/1964
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: moderator
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The presenter Frauke Ludowig is undoubtedly one of the most well-known faces on German television. She has been presenting various TV formats for more than three decades and is a figurehead of the RTL broadcasting group. Over the years she has firmly established herself on TV and also built up further pillars away from the cameras, which further expand her success. The presenter has been happily married since 2003 and the couple now have two daughters together.

early life

Frauke Ludowig was born in Wunstorf near Hanover in 1964. She spent her entire childhood and youth there and also attended the local high school. After successfully completing her Abitur, she began training as a bank clerk, which she also successfully completed. However, she realized quite early on that her future would not lie in the bank. She became increasingly interested in the media and so she finally began a several-year traineeship at the radio station Radio ffn in Isernhagen. As part of the traineeship, she was able to gain initial experience in moderation, as she moderated the morning programs, among other things. Following the traineeship, Frauke Ludowig then switched to the television station RTL in 1990, for which she still works today. A large part of her fascinating career was then to take place in the RTL broadcasting group.


Frauke Ludowig’s great and still continuing career basically began when she was allowed to take over the moderation of the tabloid magazine “Exclusive – the Star Magazine” in 1994. This program formed the basis for all further successes. The amazing thing is that a show manages to be consistently successful for almost three decades. This is largely due to the work of Frauke Ludowig. Because what many people don’t know is that she not only moderates the magazine, but is also the editorial board of the magazine. She is not only the face of the show, but also responsible for the content and processes.

In addition to her daily magazine, Frauke Ludowig has also moderated various other formats. Probably the most well-known is Domino Day, which she moderated annually from 2004 to 2009 and always reached an audience of millions. She is also RTL’s society expert and accompanies all royal weddings, important funerals and various other events as an on-site expert for the broadcasting group.

From time to time Frauke Ludowig can also be seen in completely different formats. So you already had smaller guest roles in “Unter Uns”, “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” and “Alarm für Cobra 11”. She has also appeared on television as a guest on “Grill den Henssler” and “5 against Jauch”.

Career highlights

– 1990: Change from Radio ffn to RTL
– 1994: Takeover of moderation and editorial management of the magazine “Exclusive – the star magazine” at RTL
– Receipt of the Golden Pen in the TV Magazine category
– 2010: Moderation of the German Children’s Prize

Famous quotes:

  • “Of course I take on a role when I step in front of the camera, but I don’t play the presenter then, I am the presenter in that moment.”
  • “Our profession is often underestimated and smiled at, so my goal is to create relevance.”
  • “If we had had an idea other than celebs, that’s what it would have been.”

The quotes clearly show the attitude with which Frauke Ludowig has managed to be consistently successful on TV for almost three decades now. She lives the flexibility it takes to produce exactly the content the viewer wants to see. If certain topics are more in focus, then these are also dealt with particularly intensively. In addition, content is compiled and researched in a highly professional manner, so that you can set yourself apart from the competition with high-quality content.
But it is also important to remain true to yourself and not to pretend. Because only through honest and authentic reports the viewers are really reached and tune in again and again. Put on masks and facades have no chance to be successful even remotely for as long.

Amazing Facts

– What the general public does not know: Frauke Ludowig is not only active in front of the camera and for paid formats as a moderator. Rather, she has been volunteering for a wide variety of organizations for many years. These include the German Bone Marrow Donor Database, the German Stroke Aid Foundation and the Reading Foundation.
She moderates events for these and other organizations and is also involved as an ambassador to draw attention to these important projects.

– As briefly mentioned at the beginning, Frauke Ludowig is now also successful away from the cameras. She has been working for Hometrend as a designer and brand face since 2009. This is a wholesale for wallpaper, carpets and fabrics.

She is a wonderful example of how you can make your dream come true as long as you work hard and believe in it. Furthermore, it becomes clear that one must not rest on one’s laurels, but should build up several pillars and remain focused.

Estimated value: €2 million