Freddy Quinn Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3 million
Age: 90
Born: 09/27/1931
Country of origin: Austria
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Freddy Quinn was born Franz Eugen Helmuth Manfred Nidl on September 27th in Austria. He was a well-known German pop singer and actor. He is now enjoying his well-deserved retirement.

early life

The son of an Irish merchant and an Austrian journalist, Freddy Quinn was born on September 27, 1931 in Austria. After his parents separated, he first moved to the USA with his father before returning to his mother in Vienna when she received custody.

After some trial and error, Freddy, while still a minor, hitchhiked around Europe and North Africa and toured with circus companies, where he played the saxophone. During his voyage he also played piano for the American forces and sang for the Foreign Legionnaires. He later returned to Germany and performed there, among other things, as a country singer.

Freddy Quinn was discovered in the Washington Bar at St. Pauli in Hamburg. The Polydor record label made it possible for him to attend the music academy in Hamburg from 1954 to 1956. While he was still attending the music academy, he made his first recording.


1956 was the year Freddy Quinn’s career really took off. He recorded the song “Heimweh”, an American foxtrot interpreted in German. It was the best-selling title in Germany that year. The artist also represented Germany at the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson. And the Polydor record company signed an exclusive deal with Freddy Quinn.

The other songs he recorded, mostly seaman’s ballads, were great successes. The theme of the songs were mostly seafaring and farewell, as well as wanderlust and loneliness. His songs were very popular in post-war Germany.

His acting career began with a small supporting role in a television crime series. There he played a bar singer. He then embodied the leading role in several music films. Most of the time he played a character called Freddy who was created and tailored just for him. Many well-known actors of that time starred alongside him in these films.

After his great successes between 1956 and 1966, he no longer had any big hits, but he remained present to the public, be it with television appearances, interviews, tours and much more. Freddy Quinn also appeared in the circus, for example in “Stars in the Manege”. There he convinced with spectacular performances.

Career highlights

With six songs, Freddy Quinn was number one in the German charts between 1956 and 1966. At that time, Freddy Quinn was the most successful interpreter and is still one of the most successful hit stars not only in Germany but also in Austria. No other singer had more number 1 hits in Germany than Freddy Quinn. He sold a total of around 60 million records.

Freddy Quinn’s awards are also impressive: he received a Bambi in 1959 for the film “The Guitar and the Sea”. In the early 1960s he won the gold Bravo Otto four times, and the silver and bronze Otto once each.

A highlight of his late career is undoubtedly his performance in the Olympic Stadium in Munich before the final of the World Cup in 1974. 78,000 spectators saw his performance live while a further 600 million viewers followed his performance on television.

Famous quotes

There is a famous quote from Freddy Quinn: “Nothing is as old as yesterday’s success.” He not only showed that you have to keep working if you want to be successful and that you shouldn’t rest on the laurels of the past. He also makes it clear that he is aware that the successful times will eventually be over.

Amazing Facts

There are some amazing facts about Freddy Quinn’s life. Not only did he train as an acrobat and tightrope walker in his youth while touring with the circus, here are five more interesting facts:

Freddy Quinn attended elementary school in the USA when he lived there with his father. During this stay, English became his second mother tongue.

During World War II, Freddy Quinn came to Hungary, from where he had to flee from the Red Army at the end of the war. While fleeing, 14-year-old Freddy met American soldiers, to whom he pretended to be American because of the good knowledge of English he had acquired during his stay in the USA. He was then taken to the United States in a military transport.

Freddy Quinn began trial basic training with the Foreign Legion. However, he decided against staying there.

Freddy Quinn had to fight for years with a lawyer to get rid of the name of his mother’s second husband who adopted him and go back to being called Quinn.

He speaks seven languages ​​and has sung songs in twelve different languages.

Estimated value: €3 million